Reviews: A - Z (Title)

Ace of Shades  - Amanda Foody (spotlight)
All the Missing Girls - Megan Miranda
Allegra in Three Parts  - Suzanne Daniel
Animalphabet  - Julia Donaldson
Art of Friendship (The) - Lisa Ireland
Artisan Heart (The)  - Dean Mayes
Assassins Hunted - Rachel Amphlett

Baby  - Annaleese Jochems
Before I Let You Go  - Kelly Rimmer
Blame - Nicole Trope
Bloodstone Key (The)  - Jenni Boyd
Book Ninja (The)  - Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus
Border (The)  - Steve Schafer
Bridesmaid's Royal Bodyguard (The) - Liz Fielding
Bridge of Clay  - Markus Zusak
Brief (The)  - Simon Michael
Burning Fields  - Alli Sinclair (spotlight)
Butterfly Room (The)  - Lucinda Riley

Chocolate Maker's Wife (The)  - Karen Brooks
Christmas Card Murders (The)  - Anthony Litton
Christmas Lights (The)  - Karen Swan
Christmas with the Boss  - Annie Seaton
Cinema at Starlight Creek (The)  - Alli Sinclair
Cleanskin (The) - Laura Bloom
Country Girl (The)  - Cathryn Hein

Damage Control
Dark Lake (The)  - Sarah Bailey 
Death of an Old Girl  - Elizabeth Lemarchand
Deathly Wind  - Keith Moray
Devour - LA Larkin
Diamond Rings are Deadly Things  - Rachelle J Christensen 
Dinosaur Roar!  - Paul Strickland &Henrietta Strickland
Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 - BCR Fegan
Dragon of the Month Club (The)  - Iain Reading (spotlight) 
Dream Daughter (The)  - Diane Chamberlain
Dressing the Dearloves  - Kelly Doust
Dunkirk - LC Ewan Butler
Ella's Ice-Cream Summer - Sue Watson
Esme's Wish  - Elizabeth Foster
Everlasting Sunday (The)  - Robert Lukins
Every Note Played   - Lisa Genova (spotlight)

Feel Me Fall  - James Morris
Flames Over Norway - Robert Jackson
Flight Risk  - Michael McGuire
Fortune's Son - Jennifer Scoullar
Frog Who Was Blue (The)  - Faiz Kermani

Gaslight Stalker (The) - David Field (spotlight)
Gazelle in the Shadows  - Michelle Peach
Glovemaker (The)  - Ann Weisgarber
Go-Away Bird (The)  - Julia Donaldson
Gravity is the Thing  - Jaclyn Moriarty
Greek Escape (The)  - Karen Swan
Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend  - Cheryl Carpinello

Her Outback Cowboy  - Annie Seaton
Her Outback Surprise  - Annie Seaton
Hive  - A.J. Betts
Home At Last  - Meredith Appleyard
Home Fires  - Fiona Lowe
Honourable Thief (The)  - Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

I Love My Mum Because  - Petra James
If Kisses Cured Cancer - T.S. Hawken (spotlight)
Ill Will - Michael Stewart (spotlight)
In a Great Southern Land  - Mary-Anne O'Connor

Jacob's Toys  - Claudia Woods
Jade Lily (The)  - Kirsty Manning
James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation  - Colm McElwain
Jorie and the Gold Key - A.H.Richardson
Jorie and the Magic Stones - A.H.Richardson
Jorie and the River of Fire  - A.H. Richardson
Julie Goodwin's Essential Cookbook  -Julie Goodwin

Kat: The Legend of Gnawbonia  - Nick White
Kingdom of Oceana (The) - Mitchell Charles
Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald (A)  - Natasha Lester
Kiss, a Dance & a Diamond (A) - Helen Lacey
Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold - Iain Reading
Knife & Fork  - Gita V. Reddy

Last Straw (The)  - Ed Duncan
Laugh Your Head Off 4 Ever  - Various
Lenny's Book of Everything  - Karen Foxlee
Less You Know  - Rowena Holloway
Librarian of Auschwitz (The)  - Antonio Iturbe
Life Before  - Carmel Reilly
Life of Her Own (A)  - Fiona McCallum
Little Girl Who Lost Her Name (The) - David Cadji-Newby
Little Gods  - Jenny Ackland (spotlight)
Little Secrets - Anna Snoekstra
Lonely Girl  - Lynne Vincent Mccarthy
Long Road to Mercy  - David Baldacci
Lost Girls (The)  - Jennifer Spence
Lost Valley (The)  - Jennifer Scoullar
Louis & Louise  - Julie Cohen
Lying and Dying  - Graham Brack

Memories of May - Juliet Madison
Monsoon Summer - Julia Gregson
Mother-in-Law (The)  - Sally Hepworth
Mr Right Now  - Karly Lane
My Polar Dream  - Jade Hameister

Night Caller (The)  - David Field
Nine Perfect Strangers - Liane Moriarty

Old Friends and New Enemies  - Owen Mullen
On the Same Page  - Penelope Janu

P.I. Penguin Series - Bec J Smith
Place to Remember (A) - Jenn J McLeod (spotlight)
Polar Melt  - Martin Roy Hill

Redemption - Tracie Griffith
Return to Roseglen  - Helene Young (spotlight)
Ruin of Kings (The)  - Jenn Lyons
Saigon Dark
Scared to Death
Scrublands  - Chris Hammer
Sea Life - Alphaprints - Roger Priddy
Secret Son's Homecoming (The)  - Helen Lacey
Secrets She Keeps (The)  - Michael Robotham
Seraphina Does Everything  - Melissa Gratias
Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village (The)  - Joanna Nell
Sixty Seconds  - Jesse Blackadder
Slow Horses Slough House #1

Table for Eight  - Tricia Stringer
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs  - Paul Strickland
Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows  - J.M.Bergen
Those Three Words  - Christine Bauer
Toad Who Loved Tea (The)  - Faiz Kermani
Tonk and the Battle of the 200  - Jon Mann 
Treasure Hunt at Pirate's Paradise  - Mahima Kalla
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat  - Various

Under the Midnight Sky - Anna Romer

War Bride (The) - Pamela Hart
Weave a Murderous Web - Anne Rothman-Hicks
What Happens at Christmas  - Evonne Wareham
Where Dragonflies Hover - AnneMarie Brear
White Roses in Winter - Barbara Meyers
Who Killed the Movie Star?  - Lily Malone
Wild Fire  - Ann Cleeves
Windy Season (The) - Sam Carmody
Wish You were Here - Sheridan Jobbins
Without a Doubt  - Fleur McDonald
Woolly Hat Knitting Club (The)  - Poppy Dolan
Wrong Callahan (The) - Karly Lane


Year of the Farmer (The)  - Rosalie Ham
You Wish  - Lia Weston
Yousuf's Everyday Adventures


365 Days of Happiness - Jacqueline Pirtle