Reviews: A - Z (Title)


Ace of Shades  - Amanda Foody (spotlight)
Afloat in Venice - Tina Wilson
Akin - Emma Donoghue 
All the Missing Girls - Megan Miranda
Allegra in Three Parts  - Suzanne Daniel
An Alice Girl  - Tanya Heaslip
An Ordinary Life - Amanda Prowse
An Unusual Boy - Fiona Higgins
Animalphabet  - Julia Donaldson
Another You  - Jane Cable
Apples Never Fall - Liane Moriarty
Art of Friendship (The) - Lisa Ireland
Artisan Heart (The)  - Dean Mayes 
As Swallows Fly - L. P. McMahon
Assassins Hunted - Rachel Amphlett


Baby  - Annaleese Jochems
Before I Let You Go  - Kelly Rimmer
Better Luck Next Time - Kate Hilton
Blood Will Have Blood - Thomas H Carry
Bloodstone Key (The)  - Jenni Boyd 
Blue Moon  - Lee Child
Bluebird - Malcolm Knox 
Bone Code (The) - Kathy Reichs
Book Ninja (The)  - Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus 
Border (The)  - Steve Schafer
Boundary Fence (The)  - Alissa Callen
Bridge of Clay  - Markus Zusak
Brief (The)  - Simon Michael
Bring Him Home - Nicole Trope
Buckley's Chance  - Garry Linnell
Burning Fields  - Alli Sinclair (spotlight)
Bushranger's Wife (The) - Cheryl Adnams
Butterfly Room (The)  - Lucinda Riley


Cassandra's Secret  - Frances Garrood
Catch Us the Foxes - Nicola West
Chain (The)  - Adrian McKinty
Checklist Book (The) - Alexandra Franzen
Christmas Card Murders (The)  - Anthony Litton
Christmas Lights (The)  - Karen Swan
Christmas Party (The)  - Karen Swan
Christmas with the Boss  - Annie Seaton
Cinema at Starlight Creek (The)  - Alli Sinclair  
Cleanskin (The) - Laura Bloom
Close to Home - Janet Gover
Cobra Queen (The)  - Tara Moss
Coconut Rebellion (The)  - Mark Stary
Codebreakers (The) - Alli Sinclair
Come Home Ella - Chelsea Davies
Country Girl (The)  - Cathryn Hein
Crackenback - Lee Christine


Dark Lake (The)  - Sarah Bailey    
Dark Tides - Philippa Gregory 
Darkness & Grace by Kathryn Schleich
Daylight - David Baldacci
Dead Lions - Mick Herron
Death in the Ladies' Goddess Club  - Julian Leatherdale
Death of an Old Girl  - Elizabeth Lemarchand
Deathly Wind  - Keith Moray
Deja Vu - Bobby Twidale
Devour - LA Larkin
Diamond Rings are Deadly Things  - Rachelle J Christensen
Digging Up Dirt - Pamela Hart
Dinosaur Flap - Jeanne Willis & Peter Curtis
Dinosaur Roar!  - Paul Strickland &Henrietta Strickland
Dinosaur Snap - Jeanne Willis & Peter Curtis 
Dinosaur Whack, Whizz , Roar & Munch - Jeanne Willis & Peter Curtis
Don't Drink the Pink  - BCR Fegan
Dragon of the Month Club (The)  - Iain Reading (spotlight) 
Dream Daughter (The)  - Diane Chamberlain
Dressing the Dearloves  - Kelly Doust
Driving Stevie Fracasso - Barry Divola
Dunkirk - LC Ewan Butler



Eighth Wonder (The) - Tania Farrelly
Esme's Gift  - Elizabeth Foster
Esme's Wish  - Elizabeth Foster
Euphoria Kids  - Alison Evans
Everlasting Sunday (The)  - Robert Lukins
Every Note Played   - Lisa Genova (spotlight)
Ex (The)  - Nicola Moriarty
Exit Through the Gift Shop - Maryam Masters
Exit West  - Mohsin Hamid
Eyes of Tamburah (The)  - Maria V. Snyder


False Hope - Lynne Lee
Feathers - Karen Hendriks
Feel Me Fall  - James Morris
Find Them Dead - Peter James
Finding Eadie - Caroline Beecham
Flames Over Norway - Robert Jackson
Flight Risk  - Michael McGuire
Fool Me Once  - Karly Lane
Fortune's Son - Jennifer Scoullar
French Gift (The) - Kirsty Manning
Frog Who Was Blue (The)  - Faiz Kermani


Gaslight Stalker (The) - David Field (spotlight)
Gazelle in the Shadows  - Michelle Peach
Gift of Diamonds - Roberta Seret 
Girl in the Mirror (The) - Rose Carlyle
Girl in the Painting (The)  - Tea Cooper 
Girl She Was (The) - Rebecca Freeborn
Giver of Stars (The)  - Jojo Moyes
Glovemaker (The)  - Ann Weisgarber
Go-Away Bird (The)  - Julia Donaldson
Go Away Glob  - Sarah Elliott Smyth
Goal!!! - Lydia Williams
Gone to the Woods - Gary Paulsen 
Good Teacher (The) - Petronella McGovern
Grand Tour (The) - Olivia Wearne
Gravity is the Thing  - Jaclyn Moriarty
Great Divide (The) L.J.M. Owen
Greek Escape (The)  - Karen Swan
Grown Ups - Marian Keyes
Gruffalo's Child (The)  - Julia Donaldson
Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend  - Cheryl Carpinello


Heart of the Cross - Emily Madden
Her Outback Cowboy  - Annie Seaton
Her Outback Surprise  - Annie Seaton
Hidden Beach (The)  - Karen Swan
Hive  - A.J. Betts
Home At Last  - Meredith Appleyard
Home Fires  - Fiona Lowe
Home Like Ours (A) - Fiona Lowe
Honourable Thief (The)  - Meaghan Wilson Anastasios
Hope Flower (The) - Joy Dettman
House on Endless Waters  - Emuna Elon
How it Feels to Float  - Helena Fox
How to Make a Life - Florence Reiss Kraut 
Hug Everyone You Know  - Antoinette Truglio Martin


I Know An Old Lady - Edward Miller
I Know Who You Are  - Alice Feeney 
I Love My Dad Because  - Petra James    
I Love My Mum Because  - Petra James
I Thought I Knew You - Penny Hancock
I Will Miss You Tomorrow  - Heine Bakkeid
If Kisses Cured Cancer - T.S. Hawken (spotlight) 
Ill Will - Michael Stewart (spotlight)
In a Great Southern Land  - Mary-Anne O'Connor
In Search of a Name - Marjolijn van Heemstra 
Invention of Wings (The)  - Sue Monk Kidd


Jacob's Toys  - Claudia Woods
Jade Lily (The)  - Kirsty Manning
Jam Queens (The) - Josephine Moon
Jorie and the Gold Key - A.H.Richardson
Jorie and the Magic Stones - A.H.Richardson
Jorie and the River of Fire  - A.H. Richardson
Just an Ordinary Family  - Fiona Lowe
Just Desserts  - Charlotte Ree
Just One Wish  - Rachael Johns


Khaki Town  - Judy Nunn
Kiki & Jax  - Marie Kondo
Kingdom of Oceana (The) - Mitchell Charles
Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald (A)  - Natasha Lester
Knife & Fork  - Gita V. Reddy


Last of the Apple Blossom (The) - Mary-Lou Stephens
Last Paradise (The)  - Di Morrissey
Last Straw (The)  - Ed Duncan
Last Truehart (The) - Darry Fraser
Left You Dead - Peter James
Lenny's Book of Everything  - Karen Foxlee  
Less You Know  - Rowena Holloway
Letters From Berlin - Tania Blanchard
Librarian of Auschwitz (The)  - Antonio Iturbe
Life Before  - Carmel Reilly
Life of Her Own (A)  - Fiona McCallum
Little Gods  - Jenny Ackland (spotlight)
Little Secrets - Anna Snoekstra
Lonely Girl  - Lynne Vincent Mccarthy
Long Road Home (The)  - Fiona McCallum
Long Road to Mercy  - David Baldacci
Long Shadow (The) - Anne Buist
Long Tail of Trauma (The) - Elizabeth Wilcox
Lost but Found  - Peter Sharp
Lost Girls (The)  - Jennifer Spence
Lost Valley (The)  - Jennifer Scoullar
Louis & Louise  - Julie Cohen
Love, in Theory - Elodie Cheesman
Love Objects - Emily Maguire
Lovely and Terrible Thing (A)  - Chris Womersley
Lovestruck  - Bronwyn Sell
Lucky's - Andrew Pippos
Lying and Dying  - Graham Brack


Maggie's Going Nowhere  - Rose Hartley
Mammoth - Chris Flynn
Memories of May - Juliet Madison
Mia - Fiona McArthur
Midwife in the Jungle  - Fiona McArthur
Minute to Midnight (A)  - David Baldacci 
Mistake (The) - Katie McMahon
Misty - Fiona McArthur
Monsoon Summer - Julia Gregson  
Montana -Fiona McArthur
Mother-in-Law (The)  - Sally Hepworth
Mr Right Now  - Karly Lane
Mum & Dad - Joanna Trollope
Murmurations  - Carol Lefevre
My Best Friend's Murder - Polly Phillips
My Dark Vanessa  - Kate Elizabeth Russell
My Life For Yours - Vanessa Carnevale 
My Polar Dream  - Jade Hameister


Nearly Normal Family (A)  - M. T. Edvardsson 
Neighbour (The)  - Fiona Cummins  
Night Caller (The)  - David Field 
Night Letters (The) - Denise Leith
Night Whistler (The) - Greg Woodland  
Nine Perfect Strangers - Liane Moriarty


On the Same Page  - Penelope Janu
One (The)  - Kaneana May
Order of Time (The) - Scott P Southall 
Our Stop  - Laura Jane Williams


P.I. Penguin Series - Bec J Smith 
Paris Affair (The) - Pip Drysdale
Paris Collaborator (The) - A. W. Hammond
Paris Model (The)  - Alexandra Joel
Paris Seamstress (The) - Natasha Lester  
Place to Remember (A) - Jenn J McLeod (spotlight)
Playground Zero - Sarah Relyea 
Polar Melt  - Martin Roy Hill 
Pony - R. J. Palacio
Prey  - L. A. Larkin



Rattlesnake Road - Amanda McKinney
Real Tigers - Mick Herron 
Reasonable Doubt - Dr Xanthe Mallett   
Red Can Origami  - Madelaine Dickie 
Red Dirt Country  - Fleur McDonald 
Redemption - Tracie Griffith 
Renia's Diary  - Renia Spiegel
Return to Roseglen  - Helene Young (spotlight)
Rhythm of the Beach (The) - Russell Irving
Rico Stays - Ed Duncan
Riptides  - Kirsten Alexander
Riviera House (The) - Natasha Lester
Rogue  - A.J. Betts
Rosie Leads the Way - Renee Irving Lee
Ruin of Kings (The)  - Jenn Lyons


Saint X  - Alexis Schaitkin
Salvation Station  - Kathryn Schleich
Saving Missy  - Beth Morrey
Saying Yes - Ella Sparkle
Scrublands  - Chris Hammer
Sea Life - Alphaprints - Roger Priddy
Searching for Seashells  - kerry Rosser
Secret Path (The) - Karen Swan
Secrets She Keeps (The)  - Michael Robotham
Seraphina Does Everything  - Melissa Gratias
Shearer's Wife (The) - Fleur McDonald
Six Minutes  - Petronella McGovern 
Sixty Seconds  - Jesse Blackadder
Skylark's Secret (The) - Fiona Valpy  
Soldiers - Tom Remiger
Something Like This - Karly Lane
Something to Hide - Fleur McDonald
Spanish Promise (The)  - Karen Swan
Spiral (The) - Iain Ryan
Strangers We Know (The)  - Pip Drysdale
Such a Fun Age  - Kiley Reid
Summer of Serenity - Nicola Marsh
Symphony for the Man  - Sarah Brill


Table for Eight  - Tricia Stringer 
Take Me Home - Karly Lane
Taking Tom Murray Home  - Tim Slee
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs  - Paul Strickland  
There's a Zoo in My Poo - Prof Felice Jacka 
Those Hamilton Sisters - Averil Kenny
Those Three Words  - Christine Bauer
Tidelands  - Philippa Gregory 
Toad Who Loved Tea (The)  - Faiz Kermani
Together by Christmas - Karen Swan
Traffic - Robin Gregory
Treehouse Joke Book (The)  - Andy Griffiths
Trick of the Light - Fiona McCallum




Wanted (The)  - Robert Crais  
War Bride (The) - Pamela Hart  
Wasp Season - Jennifer Scoullar  
Weave a Murderous Web - Anne Rothman-Hicks
What Happens at Christmas  - Evonne Wareham
Where Dragonflies Hover - AnneMarie Brear
White Roses in Winter - Barbara Meyers
Wild Fire  - Ann Cleeves
Windy Season (The) - Sam Carmody
Wish You were Here - Sheridan Jobbins
Without a Doubt  - Fleur McDonald
Wolf Hour (The)  - Sarah Myles
Women's Doc (The) - Caroline De Costa
Women's Pages (The) - Victoria Purman 
Wreck (The) - Meg Keneally
Wrong Callahan (The) - Karly Lane



Year of the Farmer (The)  - Rosalie Ham
You Wish  - Lia Weston


Zinger in the Woods - M. T. Becker


365 Days of Happiness - Jacqueline Pirtle