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Storybook Corner Book Review: Jacob's Toys (Children's Picture Book) + related children's craft

Jacob's Toys
Claudia  Woods

Publisher: Harbour Publishing House 
Publication date: 1st May 2018
Series: #1 The Big Backyard Adventure 
Pages: 32
RRP: $16.99 AUD
Format read: softcover
Source: Courtesy of the author

First to flee were Ted and Dupree, then Tessa Turtle, Poncho and Mousy Dundee. Not far behind was the smallest of all, the teeny tiny reindeer that Jacob called Paul.
Jacob tells his mother that he is too old for soft toys and he wants to give them away. His mother washes them and hangs them on the line to dry. But wild weather sets the toys free and sends them on an exciting adventure across the garden.
What will become of the toys? Will they make it to their new home safely? Will Jacob realise he will never be too old for his soft toy friends?
Celebrating the concepts of friendship and loyalty, Jacob’s Toys is a heart-warming story for both young and old, which reminds us of the magic of childhood. The simple rhyming text encourages early readers’ efforts and makes it ideal for reading out loud to pre and early readers. It features stunning illustrations that bring the story to life.

Jacob’s Toys is a gorgeous collage picture book for ages 2+

Jacob decides he is too big for his soft toys so before finding them a new home they are washed and hung on the clothes line. A storm blows up and the toys are blown off the line.
We follow the toys, in a melodic rhyme and repetition of the six toys names, as they go on a wondrous adventure.
Each page is beautifully depicted in colourful collage materials and hiding on each page is a special insect to find.

Woods manipulates the text to emphasise the story using variations in size, colour and special effects to match the meaning of the word and in turn encourages the reader to change expression according to the text (loud and bold or tiny).

At five, Dot is the perfect age to understand the meaning behind the story and enjoyed the toys adventure and the added bonus of the look and find throughout the pages.

My favourite children’s picture book is Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker and I am happy to say that Jacob’s Toys is up there with this brilliant book.

We have read this book many times over the last few weeks and sometimes just enjoyed looking through the pictures. We are eagerly looking forward to the second book in the Jacob’s Toys series.


Rated by Dot & Jay   5/5

Letter 'J' in the 2019 A-Z challenge

Dot's favourite page was all the toys hanging on the clothes line. There was Ted, Dupree, Tess Turtle, Poncho, Mousy Dundee and teeny-tiny Paul.  

We decided to recreate the scene with our own collage materials that we collected from the backyard and the craft box. 

Dot thought she might add a few more artistic elements to finish it off. 

Claudia resides on the South Coast of NSW with her partner Peter. Drawing and creativity have always been an important part of her life. 

Claudia first became interested in writing and illustrating children’s stories whilst studying Primary education at university, with one of her early assignments being to write a children’s story. She enjoyed the creative process so much that she knew from that time, she wanted to have her own work published. For the past nine years Claudia has worked as an Early Childhood Educator where she loves sharing stories with the children and seeing them captivated by beautiful illustrations. 

The adventure of Jacob’s Toys was inspired by Claudia's son Jacob. Claudia is currently working on the next book in the Jacobs toys series. 


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