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Book Review: Less You Know (Pyschological Suspense)

Less You Know
Rowena Holloway

Publisher: Fractured Press
Publication date: 20th November 2018
Series: Ashes to Ashes #2
Pages: 319
Format Read: eBook
Source: Courtesy of author


 If everyone lies, who can you believe?

Journalist Charlotte Ashe unmasks the big lies. But uncovering this lie could endanger the one person she’s trying to save…

Charlotte is determined to expose Tyrone Garner—a former football star turned property developer and everyone’s darling. Everyone is wrong. But to prove he’s a fraud, she needs help.

Tired of her quiet life, Allie is thrilled to engage in a bit of espionage for her best friend Charlotte. Allie’s great with secrets. She’s guarded her own well.
Then the nightmare begins.

And the cracks start to show…

Allie vanishes.

Charlotte is desperate for clues. Is Allie alive or dead? What had she discovered that put her in danger? And how will Charlotte cope with her guilt? The more Charlotte learns about Allie’s secrets, the more she wonders how well she knew her best friend. And then she uncovers a lie so big she questions everything she believes…about Garner, Allie and herself.

Best friends share all their secrets… don’t they?

I will start by saying that I didn’t read book one in the Ashes to Ashes series and I was left totally confused at the beginning of book two as to what was going on as there are a few mentions of characters and events from the previous book that are paramount to the plot.

Charlotte’s friend Allie disappears right after she tells Charlotte she has important information on a story journalist Charlotte is chasing.
The story follows Charlotte as she tries to find out what happened to Allie. As more and more information is uncovered Charlotte wonders if she really knew Allie at all.
The story is told in both Charlotte’s POV in present time and Allie’s POV leading up to her disappearance.

Less you Know was full of mystery and each event added a new mystery to the growing number. Who is Allie’s boyfriend? What happened to Joey? (This was obviously from book 1). What was Garner up to? What did Allie know? Where is Allie now? Why did Charlotte flee Australia? Who is Allie’s stalker? Who is the motorbike rider? The mysteries weaved their way through the story and I was getting a little frustrated with all the questions and no answers. There was a big reveal at the end where I think all the loose ends were nicely tied up.

The story ended with some really good twists that I didn’t see coming. I will go back and read book 1 and my star rating of 3/5 may change with a better understanding of what’s going on with the characters.

My rating   6/10

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Rowena Holloway is an Australian writer of novels and short stories. Before settling on writing as a career, Rowena apprenticed as a hairdresser, played at receptionist in an engineering firm, indulged her love of learning by obtaining a handful of degrees, including a PhD in business, and was a tenured university lecturer.

All of which convinced her fiction writing was preferable to the real world. Rowena also tracks down leading authors and interviews them, and reviews fiction across a range of genres. All of which can be found on her website 

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