Saturday 16 May 2020

Book Review & Giveaway: The Coconut Rebellion by Mark Stary

The Coconut Rebellion
Mark Stary

Publisher: Rushcutter Press
Publication date: 3rd April 2018
Genre: Middle Grade
Pages: 229
Format read: eBook
Source: Courtesy of the author

The lagoon at Sea Devil Island is an idealistic place for a colony of fish to live and raise a family … peaceful and quiet. A little too quiet for young Jack Herron, who yearns to explore the world beyond his lagoon. But it is forbidden for junior fish to venture outside the lagoon. So when Jack stumbles across a secret passage to the outside world, he sneaks out and leads his three closest friends on an adventure of discovery. Unfortunately, they discover more than they bargain for.
Cursed to live on an island for a crime they did not commit, the fish of Sea Devil Lagoon must set  forth from their island prison and find the evidence to prove their innocence.
But this will not be easy! Standing in their way is a devious squid intent on world domination and the evil Scourge Stingrays. 

The Coconut Rebellion is a wonderfully immersive Middle Grade story for lovers of animated ocean stories like Finding Nemo and Shark Tale.

We are first introduced to Marty the albatross and Hamish the seagull. Hamish takes Marty to see Sea Devil Island which is a dangerous no-go zone for birds. When Marty ignores the warnings, excited about the amount of fish he can see, he swoops down and is attacked by “warrior fish” and injured.
Hamish helps Marty to the safety of nearby Blue Island and calls on the wise old green sea turtle, Gonzo. Gonzo then proceeds to tell Marty the legend of Sea Devil Island and how the fish came to walk on land.

I loved this story! It features plenty of danger, humour, friendship, squidnapping, battles and a curse that forces the fish onto land. There is never a dull moment in this tale of four young fish who save their colony from a deadly curse. It is a story that will certainly keep a young reader entertained.
This story screams big screen adaptation!

Recommended 9+ 


Photo credit: Goodreads
Mark Stary lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW Australia with his wife and two children.
When he is not making up stories to enchant his kids, he can be found cursing over a Victa lawnmower that refuses to start most weekends.
A decade of story-telling to neighbourhood children has yielded many tall tales, The Coconut Rebellion being the first in print.

But by no means the last....

The author has generously offered a paperback giveaway to one of my readers. Entry is via the form below. Entry is open to Australian addresses only and close at midnight on 24th May 2020.
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