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Book Review: Être: Girls, Who Do You Want to Be? by Illana Raia

Être: Girls, Who Do You Want to Be?
Illana Raia

Wise Words for World-Changing Girls

Publisher: Être Press 
Publication date: 11th October 2019
Genre: Middle Grade / Young Adult Non Fiction
Pages: 204
RRP: $22.95USD (approx $34AUD)
Format: large format paperback
Source: Courtesy of Smith Publicity

Être means "to be." And girls, middle school is not too young to ask yourself this all-important question: Who do YOU want to be? Think of this book as a smart big sister in your backpack, encouraging you to stick with what you love and helping you springboard your authentic interests into more.
SO . . . WHAT IS ÊTRE? A bold, full color magazine-style collection of articles breaking down big ideas like financial confidence, mentorship, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship for today’s motivated girls. Organized by topic (#BeSmart, #BeWi$e, #BeInnovative), and featuring Insta-inspired graphics, Être offers wise words to world-changing girls . . . at exactly the right time.
WHO’S IN IT? Get ready for empowering quotes and interviews from luminary women alongside input from inspiring girls across the country.
WHO’S IT FOR? Middle and high school girls everywhere . . . and the moms, big sisters, and cool aunts reading over their shoulders.

It all starts with the Middle Grade girl aged 8 – 12. These girls are smart thinkers they want to know what’s happening beyond the latest Tiktok and Instagram sensation.
These girls won’t be following the latest trends they will be making them.

This book is for you!
Set out in ten different chapters, each with it’s own motivational hashtag. #BeSmart #BeInnovative #BeWi$e #BeConnected #BeStrong #BeInformed #BeCharitable #BeBrave #BeHappy #BeWellRead.

Etre is a resource and mentorship platform for girls which first started as an online resource and Illana Raia has now put all these ideas into a book that can be referred to time and time again as girls come across different challenges or feel that need for motivation in different areas during their growing years.

This book not only teaches girls to be smart outspoken and well informed but to also offer to help others by being a mentor. Be a role model to younger girls.

Filled with motivational quotes, questions and answers from women who have made a difference and interviews with girls just like the targeted reader. The Être board is made up of young women, teens and pre-teens (aged 10 – 18) who know how the pre-teen mind works.

It teaches girls not to be all out competitive but form a group, work together, study together, help each other out.

Build each other up, instead of tearing each other down’

This is an inspiring book for girls wondering if they are too young to make a difference.

I’m not generally into motivational books but this book has changed my opinion and I would recommend this for all girls aged 8 – 18. This is not a book to be read in one sitting but opened at the appropriate chapter for the time. An election coming up or major news event; read #BeInformed. It’s the start of the sports season; read #BeStrong.

The book concludes with a list of instagramers you really should be following, appropriate E-resources and a list of websites to dig deeper into each chapter.

I was blown away by this book. Highly recommended!
More info: Ê

 My rating  5/5

Illana is a former Skadden, Arps lawyer, an occasional guest lecturer at Columbia University, and the founder of Être - a mentorship platform for motivated girls.

Illana has contributed to the Huffington Post, Medium, Ellevate and Thrive Global since Être's launch in 2016, breaking down timely topics for the younger set, and was named a Mogul Influencer in 2017. She was featured in The Balance Project Interviews in 2018 and the #WomenWhoRock photo campaign in 2019 and has been a recent guest on podcasts and radio; Illana's journey from attorney to founder was also profiled in Forbes.

Illana graduated with honors from Smith College and received her JD from the University of Chicago, where she was managing editor of the Legal Forum. She lives happily in NYC and at the Jersey Shore with her husband and two children, and is unapologetically nerdy.
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  1. Sounds like a great resource for tweens/teens, thanks for sharing it.