Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Book Review: Big Book of Baby Knits by Marie Claire Editions

 Big Book of Baby Knits
Marie Claire Editions
80+ Garment & Accessory Patterns

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Publication date: 24th August 2021-US

                      4th November 2021-AUS

Genre: Non Fiction / Craft

RRP: $22.99US

Preorder on AmazonAU: $26.19AUD

Pages: 192

Format read: eBook

Source: Courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley


My review
I can't go past a knitting book and The Big Book of Baby Knits has a gorgeous cover which would immediately entice me to pick it up and have a browse.
In the front of the book is a section on getting started with basic stitch terms and abbreviations.
Each finished item is beautifully photographed. 
The book includes a vast array of baby items including: 
Hooded jackets
sleeping bags
Patterns have instruction for age ranges: newborn to 6months or 3months to 12 months.
There are only two patterns that go beyond the 12 month age. 
The majority of patterns are simple stocking stitch pattern with a couple of cable stitch patterns and one Intarsia pattern. 
I loved that this book features a modern take on classic baby knitting patterns with the colours of grey and navy used. I also liked the hoodie patterns and the long knitted baby pants. I would probably buy this book just for these patterns.
There are 7 patterns for toys that each match one of the clothing patterns. They are a cute addition although I don't have any interest in knitting toys. 
As babies have moved from booties and bonnets to shoes and beanies The Big Book of Baby Knits features lots of up to the minute patterns for the modern baby.
As I looked through the patterns for something to knit I found that the instructions are not fully explained leaving a lot up to the assumption that the knitter knows what to do.
I'm a lazy knitter and I just want to follow a pattern stitch for stitch and not have to work out each step.
The stitch pattern is definitely for beginners but you may want to have an experienced knitter on hand to go through some of the instructions. One pattern I simply gave up on because I had no idea what the instructions meant.

 The jacket I knitted
3 / 5  ⭐⭐⭐

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