Tuesday 15 June 2021

Book Review: Saying Yes by Ella Sparkle

 Saying Yes
Ella Sparkle

Publisher: Cherry Publishing
Publication date: 6th May 2021
Series: Stormy Love #1
Genre: Young Adult / Romance
Pages: 321
Format read: eBook
Source: Courtesy of the publisher
About the book
Jenna had her life planned out.

She was going to get married to her college boyfriend, land a job at a prestigious law firm and, after attending law school, would work her way up to partner. She’d have it all; the man, the job, the white picket fence.

After things just not working out as planned, Jenna must say goodbye to her old plans and her dreams of a picture perfect future with that guy and that job, living that life.

Instead, she decides to rethink her strategy, instead of planning everything to perfection, Jenna takes a risk and starts ‘Saying Yes’ to new opportunities.

Saying Yes to a new job.

Saying Yes to flirting with the hunky Nick.

Saying Yes to a summer fling before starting law school.

Jenna and Nick might just have something magical, they’re crazy about each other from the moment they meet - are they crazy enough to make it work?

My review

Saying Yes is a sweet Young Adult romance read. If you are after hot and raunchy this is not the book for you.
Jenna is suffering the effects of being dumped by her previous boyfriend when she is fired from her job. Feeling totally down she calls on best friend Cassie to cheer her up. Cassie hatches a plan that Jenna must say Yes to every new opportunity that comes her way.

Jenna was easy to warm to and I loved her zany friend Cassie. Cassie said what she thought in an honest forthright way. Her character brought a real vibrancy to the story.

Nick is dedicated to his company. He lives and breaths work with no time for a relationship. Nick also has an outgoing, outspoken friend in Baxter. I enjoyed Nick and Baxter's banter and their friendly ribbing. It came across as realistic and natural.

This was a fun read with introvert Jenna having to say yes to lots of things that were outside her comfort zone, like a job as a pizza delivery girl and a ride on a motorbike. Nick and Jenna's relationship is fraught with problems which had me eager to see how they would work it all out.

Saying Yes is a heartwarming, fun and sweet romance story with themes of communication, opening up, being yourself and finding the one.

4.5 / 5   ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

About the author

A life-long love of reading coupled with pandemic lockdown is what initially prompted Ella to finally take all the stories floating around in her head and put them together on paper.

Ella writes the kinds of romance stories she likes to read with sexy, funny, nice guys and strong, smart, sassy women... tossing in a healthy dose of awkwardness, a whole lot of drama, a sprinkle of comedy, a ride on the emotional roller coaster and a little bit of sparkle for everyone.

Ella is living out her own happily ever after with her Prince Charming. After seventeen years together he still gives her butterflies and makes her heart race. They live together with their children, small dogs, and a big black cat who has deemed herself queen of the castle.



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