Thursday 30 December 2021

Book Review & Giveaway: What LaVonda Robinette Did Next by Kirsten Maron

 What LaVonda Robinette Did Next
Kirsten Maron
Can she still get away with murder?
Publisher: Self Published

Publication date: 30th May 2021 
Genre: Cosy Crime / Humour
Pages: 470
RRP: $21.34 AUD (AmazonAU)
Format read: Paperback 
Source: Courtesy of the author
About the book
Three years have passed since the events that led LaVonda Robinette to murder. And yes, there are still plenty of people in her life giving her grief, including her ex-husband, her new neighbour, and a rather unwelcome character from her past.

But surely there are better ways, more creative outlets, for LaVonda to manage her frustrations than by committing murder?

Well, perhaps.

When she is faced with an unusual proposal, LaVonda must make one of the most difficult decisions in her life. A decision that has serious consequences and will force her to decide just how far she is willing to go to protect herself and her family.

Can she bring herself to kill someone in cold blood? Does she still have what it takes? Can LaVonda Robinette really go through with committing another murder?

Perhaps she already has.
My review:
In What LaVonda Robinette Did Next, LaVonda is back with her murderous thoughts in the sequel to What Would LaVonda Robinette Do

Kirsten Maron has delivered another outrageously funny story starring the morally skewed LaVonda Robinette. I think this second book is even better than the first book!!
Can LaVonda's family get any more crazy? Oh yes they can!

LaVonda has started her own cleaning business and as she gets to know some of her clients she comes to think there are some people who don't deserve to be on this earth.
LaVonda takes it upon herself to put the wrongs of the world right. A one woman vigilante and fabulous anti-hero.

A chance encounter with a former workmate leaves LaVonda with a moral dilemma and every situation she tries to sort out leaves her further in trouble.

"..there was a reason she hadn't bothered to keep in touch with any of her old workmates; they were all a little boring and annoying. And heaven knows, LaVonda had enough annoying people in her life without cultivating more."

LaVonda is menopausal, cranky and intolerant and can't understand why people have to be so irritating.
Maron has a witty and sharp sense of humour and clever observance of people's foibles and pet hates. I found myself agreeing with LaVonda more than once.
LaVonda's wild imagination and internal monologue had me laughing out loud.

I found myself eagerly reading to find out what LaVonda would do next and I had to force myself not to skip a few pages and read forward as the suspense built.

Kirsten Maron includes a host of diverse characters and I liked that their diversity wasn't the main focus. They are portrayed as any other character, their sexuality or disability does not override the plot.

With What LaVonda Robinette Did Next Kirsten Maron has proven herself in the cosy crime / humour genre. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

My rating 5 / 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

About the author

Kirsten Maron writes fictional stories and What Would LaVonda Robinette Do? is her second completed book. Don't bother looking for her first book; she decided she hated the ending and scrapped the whole thing.

Kirsten has been creating stories since she first learned to write and at the age of six won her first literary and only award with a cunning retelling of Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are.

The frustrations of middle-age provided Kirsten with the authorial fuel for writing her second book, but of course, unlike LaVonda, she would never actually murder anyone.

Kirsten lives in rural NSW with her husband and several bossy kangaroos. She is currently working on her third novel; a sequel called What LaVonda Robinette Did Next.

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