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Book Review: Go Away Glob! by Sarah Elliott Smyth

Go Away Glob!
Sarah Elliott Smyth
illustrated by Simon Howe

Publisher: Empowering Resources
Publication date: 2019
Genre: Children's
Pages: 32
RRP: $17.00AUD
Format read: Softcover
Source: Courtesy of the publisher via R M Marketing Services

Jimmy blinked away tears.What if I get it wrong like last time? Glob hovered over him, like an angry rain cloud blocking out the sun. Jimmy looked down and shook his head.
"Go away, Glob," Jimmy thought.
 Did you know that everyone feels anxious or scared from time to time? It is a normal human emotion. Like when you almost fall or when you see a snake. It’s your body’s natural ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.
Go Away Glob encourages children to process and overcome feelings of anxiety, worry and self-doubt, to get back to enjoying the activities that they love.


Go Away Glob is sensitively written to help children who develop anxiety in social situations such as in the class room or around their peers.
Jimmy is worried about everyone laughing at him in class. His worry is so deep all he can do is emit a squeak when the teacher asks him a question. He isolates himself in the playground worried he might be teased.

This engaging picture book explains to a child that what they are feeling is normal. Sarah Elliott Smyth uses visualising techniques to show how the anxiety can grow and overwhelm a child.
The emotion of anxiety is embodied in the character of Glob, a small, sad alien like figure, who grows and multiplies as Jimmy’s worries build.

Jimmy uses breathing exercises to bring his anxiety under control and does eventually join in a game with the other children.

Glob never completely disappears. Jimmy brings him under control and he stands aside and allows Jimmy room to socialise, watching on if a little apprehension may be needed in a dangerous situation.

Recommended for anyone looking for children’s stories on social anxiety. 

My rating  4/5      ⭐⭐⭐⭐

About the author:  

Photo credit: Empowering Resources
Sarah is a passionate and vivacious primary educator, writer, wife and mother to one amazing toddler girl. She has completed a Bachelor of Education (K-7) and several writing courses. With a strong knowledge of the Australian Curriculum, Sarah has enthusiasm for child mental health and early literacy. Since the birth of her first child she has been excited to begin her long held dream of writing for children.
As a teacher, Sarah is faced more and more with the ever-growing emotional issues of her students and the community. Her writing endeavour is to empower young readers, parents and teachers in order to tackle difficult emotional issues head-on with sensitivity, confidence and love.

 About the illustrator:

Photo credit: Empowering Resources
Simon is a freelance illustrator and animator with a particular fondness for quaint and fanciful characters.
Born in the south-west of England and growing up up in Queensland, he eventually made his way to Melbourne where he began producing animation for music videos and online advertisements. In 2015, he illustrated a children’s picture book called Anthea’s Garden, which inspired him to pursue further work in children’s content. In 2016, he animated a series of four videos to songs by the Teeny Tiny Stevies, accompanying their debut children’s album, Useful Songs for Little People.

This book can be ordered directly from the publishers website. 

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