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Storybook Corner Book Review: Seraphina Does Everything (Children's Picture Book)

Seraphina Does Everything
Melissa Gratias
Illustrated by Sue Cornelison

Publisher: National Center for Youth Issues
Publication date: 9th April 2019
Pages: 32
Format read: eBook
Source: Courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley

If I don't open every door, to see what lies within, I'll miss an opportunity, that might not come again. I stay busy day and night, through winter, fall, and spring. I crush my fear of missing out by doing EVERYTHING.

Seraphina wants to do it all. From soccer to ballet to French club, her schedule is jam-packed. However, Seraphina finds she feels blue. With some help from her dad, Seraphina discovers that in trying to do everything, she's missing out on some of her favorite things.

Seraphina Does Everything is a timely reminder that we need to slow down and spend time to relax in this hectic age where the fear of missing out is rife.

What child doesn’t want to try everything? They see a friend doing dancing and want to join in, or sport, gym, singing. There are so many extracurricular activities offered to children these days it’s enticing to want to do everything.

Seraphina is loving life rushing from one after school activity to the next. Weekends are spent driving to and playing sport. However the pace starts to take its toll and Seraphina can’t seem to perform well at anything. Her lessons are falling behind and her friends no longer invite her to parties.
She is doing it all but why is she feeling so blue?
Seraphina learns that she can still do the things she loves the most but she needs balance in her life and time to relax and enjoy her friends.

Dot listened to this story with eyes open wide because she is a girl that likes to try everything too. She decided that Seraphina was very tired because she doesn’t sleep because she might miss out on something in the night.

This beautifully illustrated book is written mainly in rhyming verse. The verse is happy and bouncy, narrated by Seraphina she is happy to be doing everything. When Seraphina feels down this part of the story is in a more subdued prose. Both narration styles suit the book perfectly.

I did get stuck a couple of times reading the story because you strike up a natural rhythm reading rhyming verse and then when it changes it takes a few lines to realise the rhythm has changed. Although on a second read (and this is a gorgeous book that will be read over and over) you know the changes in the pace and it becomes a natural progression.

Seraphina Does Everything will become a favourite story of children and parents alike and is a recommended read for parents who want to discuss the need for balance in the child’s life.

At the end of the book are tips for parents and educators on discussing the importance of balance and how to create it in a child’s life.


Rated by Dot   5/5    

About the Author:

Photo credit: Goodreads
Melissa Gratias, Ph.D., is an international speaker, coach, blogger, and author. For more than 20 years, Melissa's coaching and consulting work has improved productivity for multinational, billion-dollar companies as well as individual solopreneurs. She creates workable systems so people can accomplish their professional goals in less time and with less stress. As a result, thousands of business owners, CEOs, and other overwhelmed professionals have become more focused, effective, and balanced in their lives and work. Melissa's expertise helps people thrive, and according to her clients, she is knowledgeable, approachable, and "ridiculously fun to work with."

You can connect with the author at the following sites:
Website  ||  Twitter 

About the Illustrator:

Sue Cornelison graduated  with a BFA from Drake University in Art Education before heading to Florence, Italy to continue her studies at the International School of Studio Arts. Sue has worked as a full time illustrator for over a decade, exploring different techniques and styles. Sue has won many book awards, including Moonbeam, Mom's Choice, Teacher's Choice, and CCBC.


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