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Book Review: The Bloodstone Key (Fantasy)

The Bloodstone Key
Jenni Boyd

Publisher: Jenni Boyd Books
Publication Date: 21st December 2013
Pages: 362
Format Read: ebook
Source: Courtesy of the author


It is Medieval times where the word of the King or Queen is law and a knight swore upon an oath, a code of chivalry to guard the Sovereign and protect the weak. The land is called Zanna, a place where mythical creatures and sorcerers of great power exist, a power used for both good and evil.
The Queen is dying, a secret closely guarded to protect the Princess, heir to the throne. The Royal Duke, the Queen's cruel and sadistic nephew believes the crown is rightfully his and will do whatever it takes to become King.
As a dark shadow of evil spreads across the land, whispers arise of an old legend passed down through the generations about 'The Child of the Gods', a child born to save the Kingdom from absolute terror!
A beautiful young woman with hair like liquid silver, finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings, with no recollection of her name or her past, but when the plight of the people of Zanna come to her attention, she defies all odds to stand up against the terror inflicted upon them, armed with nothing but her unique bow and arrows, earning herself the name 'The Silver Angel'.
A mysterious man aids her in her quest, telling her he knows her true identity and that she must seek a hidden object, one that possesses great power, but only she holds the key and the knowledge of its secret location. He insists it is imperative she find it in order to save the people. The Silver Angel questions his motive for helping her, for he hides behind a mask, refusing to reveal his face.
Despite all warnings and increasing suspicions as to his true identity, she falls in love with him, putting her life in great danger.


I originally read this book back in 2015 when the author gifted me with an ebook. I loved the story then and still remember the compelling mystery and startling twist. I was very pleased when the author offered to send me a print copy recently as she was thrilled that I loved her story so much.

Thank you Jenni Boyd, you are so very generous.
Below is my original review from 2015.

The Queen and her only living heir, Princess Felicia, have been murdered. The Queen’s nephew, the evil Terric, has taken the throne and now rules by fear and death. For the people of Zanna their only hope is a myth, passed down through the generations, that the “Child of the Gods” will one day free them from Terric’s rule.

Low Fantasy would have to be one of my favourite reads and “The Bloodstone Key” didn’t disappoint.
Other reviewers have mentioned that the start of the story is confusing and I will have to agree. It’s like “hang on, what just happened?” But this is all part of the mystery. The Bloodstone Key is full of mystery and the full explanation of what happened on that fateful night comes later in the story. So don’t despair if you feel a little lost, all will be revealed.
The Bloodstone Key is shrouded in mystery, romance, suspense and danger. The characters are likeable and well developed which makes you want them to survive and prosper. My favourite characters being little Henry, Matthew, Hamond, Edwin and David.
I found the violence is kept to a minimum with more telling than showing as the main theme is kept to one of hope and courage.
There are brief appearances of mythical creatures and minimal magic, so maybe not for High Fantasy fans.
A wonderful story for fans of good overcoming evil and love overcoming adversity.

My rating   10/10


I was born in Australia and currently reside in Tropical Far North Queensland with my partner.

My early childhood years were spent constantly on the move, and at times places remote and so isolated I used my imagination to create friends and another world. My family eventually settled in Rural Northern NSW, and a part of my life where my real need to write came to me, secretly writing down my stories for only me to see.

Very few of my friends were aware of my desire to become an author, and as my family grew, so did my desire to write, until eventually taking the bold step to publish my first book, 'Natalia'.

I love the great outdoors, hitching up the camper trailer and travelling to far and remote places, some so vast you could disappear without a trace, but none the less beautiful.
I love anything that allows me to use my imagination and the freedom to be creative; writing, sewing and gardening.

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  1. Good review. "mystery, romance, suspense and danger" all sound good to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.