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Storybook Corner Book Review: The Toad From Outer Space by Faiz Kermani

The Toad From Outer Space
Faiz Kermani
Illustrated by Korey Scott

Publisher: Children's Funny Books
Publication date: 3rd July 2020
Genre: Children / Picture storybook
Pages: 26
Format read: Softcover
Source: Courtesy of the author
About the book
Fizzy Frog Swamp was a beautiful location
A croaking wonderland for rest and relaxation
Every local frog possessing cold blood
Considered it a paradise of insects and mud

An uneventful life was all that they desired
The swamp provided everything that they required
If there was food, then nothing else mattered
But the peace of their home was about to be shattered…
My review
Snotbubble (a name that elicited many giggles) was forced to leave his home as it had become overrun with pollution and human waste. He makes a rocket from refuse left In the lake. Crash landing in Fizzy Frog Swamp a quiet, unpolluted haven he spins a story to the frogs that he is an alien from outer space. Mudball is suspicious about Snotbubble’s story and does some investigating. He is soon found out to be lying and decides to come clean and tell the truth. When they hear his story of how the lake was polluted and all the inhabitants had to leave, they tell him they must all stick together and he can stay.

I really enjoy Faiz Kermani’s children’s books! They have messages of acceptance, anti-bullying, being different, honesty and being your best self. I love the use of frogs and toads in these wonderful tales featuring anthropomorphism and are a fun way to introduce meaningful, related topics.

The Toad from Outer Space is a story of acceptance and honesty with themes of displacement and conservation. This picture storybook is told in verse and the story moves along smoothly with a good cadence and wonderful imagery.

Each page of text is accompanied by a full page colour plate giving the story an extra lift in imagery. The text also has a visual effect with colour, size and font change to express noise, movement, colour and atmosphere.
5/5  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Meet the author
Away from his serious scientific day job, in his free time, Faiz Kermani loves writing children's books that have funny and wacky themes.
A lot of his books have frogs in them but no one knows why.
His books have won awards in the US and UK and have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Faiz is also involved in various literacy projects with schools and non-profit work with healthcare charities.

For more information on his books please visit:
Meet the illustrator
Korey Scott is an illustrator who specializes in children's books, educational material, and funny characters/cartoons.
His illustration style is perfect for capturing the attention of children and adults. Not only are they fun to look at, but they provide a beneficial resource to a child's education. He explains, "I love what I do, and try to put something unique in each project while learning something new too. When I am not drawing (and many times when I am) you can find me telling jokes, making sound effects, speaking Spanish, and trying to make people laugh".

See more of Korey's work at:


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