Monday, 26 November 2018

Book Review: Laugh Your Head Off 4 Ever (Children's/Middle Grade)

Title: Laugh Your Head Off 4 Ever
Author: Various
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Aus
Publication Date: 30th October 2018
RRP: $19.99 
Pages: 208
Format Read: Hardcover
Source: Courtesy of Publisher

 Just when you thought you were safe.....nine of Australia's favourite kids' authors are ready to get heads rolling - again.

9 authors
9 stories
to make you laugh your head off 4EVER

A runaway pram + an artsy alien + a cereal monster +a word-stealing curse + one dancing dad + three feral fairies + an evil genius + a hairy birthday + a super-duper pig = one hilarious book.

Filled with delightfully quirky illustrations by Andrea Innocent, Laugh Your Head Off 4 Ever will appeal to both girls and boys, from middle to upper primary. 

This is another hilarious anthology of silly and fun stories by some of Australia’s best children’s authors.

Nine short stories perfect for bedtime that can be read alone or read out loud.

Runaway Pram by Andy Griffiths
A baby pram, a dog, a train, a trampoline and a backyard pool makes for the most terrifying ride of Andy’s life.

Harriet’s Spacey Friend by Lisa Shanahan
Harriet’s parents can’t seem to see that their new visitor is an alien, and things keep mysteriously disappearing. But when Gran disappears Harriet decodes it’s time for action.

I Hate Bananas by Marcus Emmerson
A mallowman cereal monster, a warrior dwarf with a Scottish accent and the threatening apocalypse will have readers holding their breath with this story.

Use Your Words by Penny Tangey
When Darcy becomes frustrated with his little sister, Freya, he puts a curse on his mother that impairs her speech. He needs to work closely with Freya to find the spell to lift the curse before his mother is operated on. He realises that Freya is not so bad after all.

Dad Dancing by Felice Arena
Hamish’s dad decides to bust a move on the dance floor at the school dance and now everyone is laughing at Hamish. That is until the other dads join in. They are having so much fun all the kids end up joining in too.

The Feral Fairies of Foggarty’s Field by Katrina Nannestad
These are the fairies that no one talks about, the not so sweet feral fairies, causing mischief and mayhem everywhere.

Evil Genius by James Roy
A family road trip and mum’s sneaky bribe to stop the children complaining in the back seat. Score one for the mum’s with this story. My favourite!

Eleventy-Five by Yvette Poshoglian
This story has a bit of a Freaky Friday theme. Sam is staying with his Grandad and as the day goes on Grandad is feeling more energetic and spritely but Sam is suddenly getting older. He is getting grey hairs and needs to take a nap. What can Sam do to reverse this change?

An Absolutely Definitely True Story by Matt Stanton
An absolutely true story about a super-duper pig and a frog who need to help save the Prime Minister.

Perfect for reading alone or aloud, this gorgeous hardback is sure to bring laughter and joy into your household.
This collection of crazy, silly and addictive stories by some of Australia’s best known children’s authors would make the perfect Christmas gift.

 Suitable for ages 5 - 14 years and beyond.

My Rating  5/5      🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 
This review is part of the Book Lover Book Review Aussie author challenge

Andy Griffiths: author of the best selling and award-winning Treehouse series.
Felice Arena: author f the best selling and award-winning Specky Magee series.
Yvette Poshoglian: author of the fabulous Frankie Fox Spy Girl series.
Marcus Emerson: author of the immensely popular Diary of a Sixth Grade Ninja series.
Matt Stanton: best selling author and illustrator of the Funny Kid series.
Katrina Nannestad: award-winning author of The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Rome.
James Roy: acclaimed author of the Edsel Grizzler series.
Lisa Shanahan: author of the hilarious My Big Birkett.
Penny Tangey: comedian and author of Clara in Washington.

Featured in the back of the book is a little about each author and their books. Each author also answers the Question; What makes you laugh?