Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Book Review: The House of Now and Then by Jo Dixon

 The House of Now and Then


Jo Dixon

A lonely house. A missing boy. A long-held secret.
Publisher: Harlequin Australia

Publication date: 4th January 2023
Genre: Crime / Mystery
Pages: 432
RRP: $29.99AU (Paperback) 
Source: Courtesy of the publisher

My review of The House of Now and Then

The House of Now and Then is a compelling mystery read, with plot twists that had me reeling.
Narrated in dual time-lines; the now being 2017 with Olivia living in Eloise's secluded house in the Tasmanian bush; then, is 30 years earlier in 1985 with friends Jeremy, Pippa and Rebecca house-sitting for Eloise in the same house.

Eloise's architecturally designed house is a central part of the story. For Olivia it is a secluded place to hide from a scandal that has destroyed her life. The three young friends are there to enjoy time together before Jeremy moves to England.

Jo Dixon builds empathy in her readers before disclosing Olivia's scandalous past so you can't help but be on her side. Jeremy, Pippa and Rebecca are fun loving and easy to like but tensions start to build between the three as the story progresses and Pippa meets Leo and brings him into the group.
The two plot-lines play out separately and I was intrigued as to how they would connect.
As Olivia is pulled into the mystery of Leo's disappearance she starts to open up to the people of the small rural town finding friendship and acceptance.

I love it when you open a book that is impossible to put down! The House of Now and Then has a mystery that is so thick there isn't a hint of what's going on. I felt a real compulsion to get to the end and find out the truth behind the disappearance and if Olivia could move on from her past mistakes and reclaim her life.

The House of Now and Then is an intriguing read with decades old secrets, compelling twists and a host of flawed, but real, characters.
This is a powerful debut by Jo Dixon and I'm looking forward to seeing what she delivers next!

My rating 5/5    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

About the author

Over ten years ago, Jo moved from suburban Brisbane to rural Tasmania. Since then, she's been wrangling an ever-growing collection of animals, bringing up two sons, and attempting to transform blackberry-infested paddocks into beautiful gardens. Now, she also writes full-time, creating twisty, suspenseful stories. The House of Now and Then is her debut novel. She is now working on her second book.


  1. This is a great book and read and I was lucky enough to attend her book launch at my local library in Tassie and again she was part of a Crime and Wine night at my local library. Lovely person and great writer. Look forward to reading the next book!

    1. I love attending author events! I'm excited for Jo's next book too.