2019 Challenges

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Book Bingo Challenge

Book with a red cover - The Ex
Beloved classic - Brer Rabbit Again
Novel that has 500 pages or more - The Butterfly Room
Novella no more than 150 pages - Christmas With the Boss
Prize winning  book - Exit West
Book by an author with same initials as you - Victoria James - Christmas with the Sheriff
Non Fiction book about an event - Renia's Diary
Fictional biography about a woman in history - Making Trouble - Tongued with Fire
Memior about a non-famous person - Wish You Were Here
Book written by an Australian woman more than 10 years ago - Odd One Out
Themes of Science Fiction - Rogue
Themes of culture - Tidelands
Themes of Justice - In a Great Southern Land
Themes of Inequality - The Librarian of Auschwitz
Themes of Fantasy The Ruin of Kings 
A book with a place in the title - The Cinema at Starlight Creek
A book set in the Australian outback - Home at Last
Book set on the Australian coast - Sixty Seconds
Book set in the Australian mountains - The Pink Snowman
Set in an exotic location: The Christmas Lights
Written by an Australian man -  The Secrets She Keeps
Written by an Australian Woman - The Wrong Callahan
Written by an author under 35 -  Baby
Written by an author over 65 - The Invention of Wings 
Written by an author you've never read before: Louis & Louise
Literary Fiction -  Bridge of Clay
Crime -  Death of an Old Girl
Historical - The Glovemaker
Romance -  The Secret Son's Homecoming
Comedy - Our Stop
AtoZ Title Challenge
X. Ex (The) - Stretching it a bit here :)

Aussie Readers cover colour challenge 
(books by Australian authors) 
 2 x Yellow

2 x Green



 2 x Blue


2 x Purple 

2 x Orange 


 2 x Red

 Aussie Author Challenge 
2. Bridge of Clay
3. The Secret Son's Homecoming
4. Less You Know
5. The Lost Girls 
6. Life Before
7. Home Fires
8. The Secrets She Keeps 
9. Home at Last 
10.Under the Midnight Sky
11. The Mother-in-Law  
12. In a Great Southern land
13. Christmas With the Boss
14. Wish You Were Here
15. The Chocolate Maker's Wife
16. A Life of Her Own
17. Without a Doubt  
18. Cinema at Starlight Creek 
19. Sixty Seconds 
20. Her Outback Surprise 
21. Her Outback Cowboy
22. Jacob's Toys 
23. Flight Risk
24. Gravity is the Thing  
25. Allegra in Three Parts
26. Mr Right Now  
27. The Ex
28. Making Trouble Tongued With Fire 
29. A Lifetime of Impossible Days 
30. I Love My Dad Because 
31. Don't Drink the Pink 
32. Zebra and Other Stories 
33. The One 
34. Khaki Town 
35. Heart of the Cross 
36. Wearing Paper Dresses 
37. Rogue 
38. Taking Tom Murray Home 
39. The Girl in the Painting 
40. Maggie's Going Nowhere
41. Red Can Origami 
42. The Great Divide 
43. Last Bridge Before Home 

Australian Women Writers Challenge 
2. The Secret Son's Homecoming
3. Less You Know 
4. The Lost Girls
5. Life Before 
6. Home Fires 
7. Home at Last 
8. Under the Midnight Sky 
9. The Mother-in-Law
10. In a Great Southern Land 
11. Christmas With the Boss
12. Wish You Were Here
13. The Chocolate Maker's Wife
14. A Life of Her Own
15. Without a Doubt
16. Cinema at Starlight Creek 
17. Sixty Seconds 
18. Her Outback Surprise  
19. Her Outback Cowboy
20. Jacob's Toys  
21. Gravity is the Thing
22. Allegra in Three Parts 
23. Mr Right Now
24. The Ex  
25. Making Trouble Tongued With Fire 
26. A Lifetime of Impossible Days
27. I Love My Dad Because 
28. Zebra and Other Stories 
29. The One 
30. Khaki Town 
31.  Wearing Paper Dresses 
32.  Heart of the Cross   
33.  Rogue 
34.  Red Can Origami
35.  Maggie's Going Nowhere
36.  The Girl in the Painting 
37.  The Great Divide 
38.  Last Bridge Before Home 



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