Sunday 29 March 2020

Book Review: Midwife in the Jungle by Fiona McArthur

Midwife in the Jungle
Fiona McArthur

Publisher: Self published
Publication date: 31st March 2020
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 189
RRP: $5.99AUD (Kindle)
Format read: eBook
Source: Courtesy of the author

Jacinta McLeod met Dr Jonah Armstrong delirious with malaria and, even then, she needed to fight off the urge to know more about this fascinating patient. When the chance came to follow him to the wilds of Papua New Guinea, and into a dangerous medical mission up the Sepik River, she took it, despite Jonah’s absolute ‘no’!

Jonah had already lost his baby sister in the unsafe world of PNG. Now headstrong Jacinta had arrived and he had to keep her safe.

Midwife in the Jungle is no anguished filled romance. Fiona McArthur’s female lead, Jacinta, is headstrong and feisty. She knows what she wants!

Jacinta first meets Jonah as a patient. He has been admitted to hospital with a bad case of malaria. There is an instant connection between the two but also a degree of irritation. They seem to fire each other up.

Both characters had tragic pasts and have devoted themselves to medicine. These tragedies caused them to shy away from commitment but also drew them together in their shared heartache. Jonah, also a doctor, works in New Guinea and was quick to tell Jacinta that it was no place for a woman. However Jacinta had her curiosity piqued and now New Guinea was exactly the place she needed to be.

Midwife in the Jungle has plenty of bumps in the road for Jacinta and Jonah and they have some major hurdles placed in their way with more than one life or death situation on their hands.

Fiona McArthur deftly includes details of a difficult childbirth and the skill of the attending doctor, lack of medical facilities in the jungle and the superstitions of the natives.

The story moves along quickly and there is never a dull moment. Even though this is a novella it doesn’t skimp on character development or a full storyline.


My rating  5/5

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Fiona McArthur has worked as a midwife for thirty years. She is the clinical midwifery educator inner rural maternity unit and teaches emergency obstetric strategies while working with midwives and doctors from remote and isolated areas.

Fiona has written more than thirty romances, which have sold over two million copies in twelve languages. She has been a midwifery expert for Mother and Baby magazine and is the author of Aussie Midwives. She has also written the novels Red Sand Sunrise, The Homestead Girls and Heart of the Sky. She lives on a farm in northern New South Wales.

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