Friday, 16 November 2018

Book Review: Kat: The Legend of Gnawbonia (Middle Grade/Young Adult)

Title: Kat; The Legend of Gnawbonia
Author: Nick White
Illustrator: Nick White 
Series: Volume 1

Publisher:Bonobo Books
Publication date: 2017
RRP: $50.00
Pages: 168
Format Read: Hardcover
Source: Courtesy of author

In the great city of Catifornia, the Meofia are by far the most feared of all the felines. At home, their baby sister Kat is enslaved under lock and key. Done with the constant abuse, she escapes, embarking on a perilous journey far beyond the land of cats.

Lost at sea, Kat is captured by a ruthless gang of notorious pirate dogs and forced to the depths of the ocean in search of treasure; where she discovers an ancient city, lost in time.

Here, Kat comes to terms with who she truly is – gaining the courage to fight for her life and freedom, to fulfil an ancient prophecy that she inevitably finds herself entwined with...

A new style of book, a fusion of various parts. Adventure novel, graphic novel and picture book.

Anyone that follows me will know that I don’t usually rave about, or even mention, the covers of the books I review; even though some of them are stunning. However this book’s cover and packaging is so gorgeous I just have to rave about it a little. The book is bound in hardcover in a brown leather look with scrolling and the title text printed in silver. It also has a red ribbon bookmark. It comes in a white slipcover which also has the text in silver. It’s a book you just can’t help but pick up and admire.

Kat lives on the island of Catifornia. She is a slave to her seven brothers, all members of the much feared Meow Meow Meofia. Kat is never allowed to leave her house, only to catch fish for her brothers’ dinner. When Kat dares to defy them they beat her. She spends her time watching Loose Flea movies and reading an old book given to her by her mother. The book was about an ancient city called Purtopia and it was the land of Kat’s ancestors.

Kat gathers the courage to escape along with her best friend, a rat named Pea. Kat soon learns that the world is a dangerous place and she can’t trust anyone. Her only escape is to leave Catifornia and travel across the sea. After many harrowing weeks on the ocean they are picked up by a band of pirate dogs. The dogs were from the island of Gnawbonia which was in a bad state and the dogs were starving. Kat uses her wit and expert Kung Fu moves to save her and Pea’s lives as she fights the pirates, goes under water to discover the lost city of Purtopia and fights a giant squid.
She may just be the one to save the dogs on the island of Gnawbonia.

This is a memorable tale of good triumphing over bad and of long held prophesies fulfilled. A story of being brave in the face of adversity.
There is animated violence and plenty of breath-holding adventure. The occasional toilet humour will have readers giggling.

The book is written and illustrated by Nick White and the beautifully illustrated pages are something to behold. My granddaughter had much fun finding the little mouse hidden on each page.
The story is easy to follow and would be enjoyed by readers 10+ years.
I’m eager to see what adventures White has in store for Kat and Pea in Volume 2.

You can see more of the illustrations on the author’s website, where you can also order the book. This would make a beautiful Christmas gift. However you will need to be quick as this is a limited edition.


Kat is an advocate for animal rights and 10% of all profits from sales of the book goes to animal charities. 

My rating  5/5    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Content: animated violence
Age level: 10+ or mature readers 6+

Nick is originally from Sydney, Australia, and has spent the last 18 years as a commercial artist, lending a hand to some of the biggest ad and design agencies in the UK, NZ and Australia.


You can connect with the author at the following sites:
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  1. This book looks gorgeous! Both the cover and the illustrations look amazing.

  2. Judging by the RRP that is one expensive children's book. Yes the illustrations are beautiful, but I would not buy this for one of my grandchildren. I want them to curl up with a book and enjoy every minute. With this one I would be scared to even let them handle it.

    1. Not expensive in Aus for this type of book and currently on sale for $40 on Nick's website.

  3. Excellent review - I do love a good cover!

  4. new info for me - thanx for sharing

  5. Wow, the book looks gorgeous. I've never heard of it until now.

  6. like that it looks like a comic or something, the illustrations are cute

  7. ineteresting. I am not usually a graphic novel person, but my daughter is.

    1. My son is into graphic novels but I liked that this book has a mixture of story and graphic novel.

  8. We have this book and my son and I curled up each night in bed and read a couple of pages.... this book is gorgeous and my 10 year old son loved it. And I mean really loved it. He was so excited each night to see what happened next. To give you an idea on how much the book meant he had the opportunity to meet Nick at a library and I have never seen him so excited to meet anyone. He almost cried and that's a lot for my son.... this book while you may think it is expensive it isn't and is one that can easily be passed down for generations.

    1. I totally agree Jagster. It’s a book to keep and enjoy over and over.