About Me

A little about me:

I'm a mum of six and grandmother of two gorgeous grandchildren. I love to read just about anything. I grew up reading Wilbur Smith and Alistair MacLean and novels centred around the first and second world wars. 
I started reading children's Middle Grade and Young Adult as my children brought English texts home from school. I was introduced to Fantasy when I became intrigued by the books that my son was devouring and decided I should read them for myself ( just to check for appropriate content) and found myself hooked. 
My daughter introduced me to Goodreads and a whole world of people just like me who loved to read and talk about books all day long (and sometimes well into the night).
My reading preferences now include Romance, Rural Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Women's, Young Adult, fictional war stories and Middle Grade(ages 9 - 12).

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  1. Nice to meet you Veronica and to hear about your reading interests.

    You reminded me of my son's fascination with fantasy when he got seriously into chapter books in his mid to late primary school years. It was hard to keep books up to him. I don't think he reads a lot of fantasy now, but my daughter, who followed his footsteps is still a fantasy reader. At 31, and well out of home but with stuff still at home, she has just asked me to bring her old Isabelle Carmody and Harry Potters to Melbourne with us when we visit. I must say that although I read a couple with them over the years and rather enjoyed the ones I read, I never really got interested in them. I like more contemporary realistic fiction, really.

    PS I probably won't know you've responded to this because, as you may know, Blogger/Blogspot won't inform non-Blogger commenters of responses to their comments.

    1. Thank you for your comment.I've recently had a big cull of my son's books from four boxes down to two but shhh don't tell him. My daughter also has two boxes of books left at home. Thank goodness all my children aren't readers.

  2. Always enjoy your reviews often convince me to read the books I particularly enjoy murder mysteries Keep up your good work