Friday 24 April 2020

Book Review: Searching for Seashells by Kerry Rosser

Searching for Seashells
Kerry Rosser
illustrated by Nicky Johnson

Publisher: Empowering Resources
Publication date: 8th February 2020
Genre: Children's
Pages: 32
RRP: $17.00AUD
Format read: Softcover
Source: Courtesy of the publisher via R M Marketing Services

Today I was angry. Mum said it's okay to be angry. We get angry because we want something we can't have.

I want Jimmy here to play with me.

Jimmy is gone now. I miss him lots.

Searching for Seashells is a comforting and gentle story that empowers families to talk about love, loss and remembering. Sharing in a simple way the many big feelings of grief, it reassures young readers that love and memories continue even after someone is gone.

A young boy tells about all the things his baby brother loves to do. Then one day his brother is gone. He goes through his emotions; sadness, anger, guilt, as his mother helps him through each emotion and shows him they will always remember the baby.

Together they do Jimmy’s favourite things, like blowing bubbles and searching for seashells. They celebrate Jimmy’s birthday with a picnic. As time goes by he starts to play and laugh which brings on feelings of guilt.

”Mum said it’s okay to be happy. Jimmy likes me laughing.”

Talking about death with a young child is a difficult thing and in particular the death of a sibling. Searching for Seashells is a lovely supportive book for parents as well as siblings.
Kerrry Rosser shows a compassion that comes from experience which led to her writing her debut children’s book to help her own children over the loss of their brother.

The text is simple and comforting and I loved how the mother is so calm, brave and supportive of her son. Telling him his feelings are okay and giving him ideas and help with coping when I am sure she is falling apart inside herself.

Searching for Seashells is a beautifully written story about love and loss that I am sure will be beneficial to any family suffering the loss of a loved one.

My rating  5/5         ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

About the author:
Photo credit: Empowering Resources
Kerry Rosser is a writer with a background in psychology, bringing an analytical and inquisitive approach to her work. Her writing has spanned corporate and government communications, marketing and community engagement through to freelance, blogging and writing for children.

Her first children's book, Searching for Seashells, is a gentle story of losing someone loved. Written to help her children understand the loss of their baby brother, it shares the many different feelings of grief. It reassures young children that these emotions are normal and celebrates the love that remains even after someone is gone.

Kerry lives in country South Australia with her husband, three children and an ever changing array of animals.

About the illustrator:
Photo credit: Empowering Resources
Nicky Johnston is a mum to four boys, a primary educator, a speaker and children’s book author and illustrator based in Melbourne.
Passionate in raising awareness of the importance of children’s emotional well being, Nicky has written books to help children deal with anxiety and develop resilience. She is an experienced public speaker and presents at parent forums, seminars and conferences. She is also a speaker with Black Dog Institute Community Education.
Her illustration style is described as whimsical, playful, narrative, emotive and dreamy. She works mainly in watercolour, ink and pencil. She also produces work digitally using a variety of illustration software.

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