2020 Challenges

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 Book Bingo Challenge

Themes of culture - Red Dirt Country
About the environment - Wasp Season
Set in a time of war - War Doctor
Themes of inequality - The Women's Pages
Prize winning book - How it Feels to Float
Set in a place you dream of visiting - The Paris Model
Themes of crime and justice - Reasonable Doubt
Friendship, family and love - Better Luck Next Time
Set in an era you would love to travel back in time to - 70's Riptides
Themes of politics and power - The Wolf Hour
Coming of age - Such a Fun Age
A classic you’ve never read before - Seven Little Australians

Aussie Author Challenge 
37. Crack Up 
54. The Wreck 
58. Bluebird 
64. Montana 

Australian Women Writers Challenge



 Non Fiction Readers Challenge


1. Memoir - An Alice Girl
2. Disaster Event
3. Social Science - Etre: Girls, Who Do You Want to Be?
4. Related to an Occupation - War Doctor
5. History - Buckley's Chance by Garry Linnell
6. Feminism
7. Psychology
8. Medical Issue
9. Nature - Lost but Found (Rescue Dogs) by Peter Sharp
10. True Crime - Reasonable Doubt
11. Science - There's a Zoo in My Poo
12. Published in 2020 - The Checklist Book

This bingo challenge is with Facebook group Books and Bites with Monique Mulligan

Set in Europe - Grown Ups
Debut Novel - Such a Fun Age
Travel Memoir
Published More Than 100 Years ago - Seven Little Australians
Written in the First Person - How it Feels to Float
Fairytale Collection
A Book with a Door on the Cover - Saving Missy
Written by Someone Called Jane - Shadow Valley by Leon Jane
An Australian Crime or Thriller - Riptides
Wherever You Go
Eco-Themes - Wasp Season
A Neil Gaiman Book
Short Story Collection - A Lovely and Terrible Thing
Published the Year You Were Born
Makes You Blush
That Book You Keep Putting Off - Cassandra's Secret
A Book With Lots of Hype - The Good Teacher
Book With ‘The Girl’ in Title - The Girl She Was
A Book With Bad Reviews - Before I Let Go
Book to Movie - The Book Thief
Someone you Love’s Fave Book - An Alice Girl
Made into a TV Series - Dead Lions (Slow Horses Series)
A Title Longer Than Five Words - The Truth Pixie Goes to School
Fave Childhood Book

Historical Fiction Challenge

1. The Daughter of Victory Lights

2. The Paris Model 

3. House on Endless Waters 

4. Death in the Laddies Goddess Club 

5. Playground Zero 

6. Mammoth 

7. Finding Eadie 

8. The Women's Pages

9. The Wreck

10. Letters From Berlin 

11. The Paris Seamstress

12. How to Make a Life 

13. Soldiers

14. Dark Tides 


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