Saturday, 9 May 2020

Book Bingo - Round 5: Set in an era you would love to travel back to #BookBingo2020

Riptides by Kirsten Alexander

This week I have chosen the category 'Set in an era you would love to travel back to.'

The book I have chosen for this category is: Riptides.

Riptides is set in the 1970's. Let's travel back to the seventies! A time of lazy days on the beach, no mobile phones, no social media. The music was fun. We had disco!! Big hair and flared jeans. I was a self absorbed was good.

In Riptides Alexander includes a few major events of the 70's placing the book firmly in it's timeline but it is not all fun and sand for the characters. They have a death on their hands and the dead woman's name keeps coming up to haunt them time and time again. 

You can read my full review  here


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