Tuesday 29 December 2020

In 2020.....My Life in Books



I recently saw this book tag created by Shellyrae @ Book'd Out and thought it would be fun to join in. 

The idea is to complete each prompt with a book that you have read in 2020.


2020 was the year of: The Year That Changed Everything 

In 2020 I wanted to be: The Good Teacher

In 2020 I was: The Wreck

In 2020 I gained: Just One Wish

In 2020 I lost: Six Minutes

In 2020 I loved: Mum & Dad

In 2020 I hated: The Boundary Fence

In 2020 I learned: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight 

In 2020 I was surprised by:  The Night Whistler

In 2020 I went to: The Farm at Peppertree Crossing

In 2020 I missed out on: The Grand Tour

In 2020 my family were: Together by Christmas

in 2021 I hope for: Better Luck Next Time 

If you think this looks like a fun tag why not check out Shellyrae's post here and join in with your own bookish answers. 



  1. Loved your choices for each of the prompts Veronica, such fun! I loved the prompts for The Wreck and Better Luck Next Time most of all.

  2. Love it Veronica! Thanks for joining in the fun!

    1. Thanks for hosting Shellyrae. It's nice to do something fun every so often. :)

  3. Such good answers! I've seen a few bloggers do this, and always think it looks clever and awesome and I want to give it a go, but I can never QUITE make my titles match up. Gah!

    1. You've read some interesting books this year. I'm sure you can come up with some fun answers.

  4. There are a few of these going around. I'm doing a couple next week.