Saturday, 12 September 2020

Book Bingo - Round 9: Themes of Crime and Justice

 Reasonable Doubt: lost lives, justice delayed, criminals walking free. by Xanthe Mallett

This week I have chosen the category 'themes of crime and justice'

The book I have chosen for this category is: Reasonable Doubt.

Up until this year I rarely read a non fiction book but here I am now entering my second non fiction read for the book bingo challenge.

Exposing false confessions, police biases, misplaced evidence and dodgy science, Reasonable Doubt is an expert's account of the murky underbelly of our justice system - and the way it affects us all.

You can read my full review HERE


Book Bingo is a reading challenge hosted by Theresa Smith Writes , Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse. The second Saturday of each month book bingo participants reveal which bingo category they have read and what book they chose.  



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  1. This one was such a fascinating, eye-opening read! I really enjoyed it, hope you do too!