Monday, 14 September 2020

Monday Mailbox & Life This Week - September 14th



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Happy Monday!

Not much happening on the home front over the last two weeks. I've been dividing my time between reading and knitting. I am currently making Dot an afghan throw made from knitted squares.

 We managed to gather all the children, partners and grandchildren together for a Father's Day lunch. The only photo I managed to take was of our deconstructed pavlova dessert. This is now my favourite way of serving pavlova as everyone can choose what they like to add for the toppings.

Books received over the last two weeks:

 Facebook is a great place to find new books, new authors and connect to bookstores and your favourite authors. It's also a great place to win free books. I won the following books in Facebook giveaways.

Sunshine by Kim Kelly

It’s 1921 and the Great War has left in its wake untold tragedy, not only in lives lost, but in the guilt of survivors, the deep-set scars of old wounds and the sting of redoubled bigotries.

In the tiny hamlet of Sunshine, on the far-flung desert’s edge, three very different ex-servicemen – Jack Bell, an Aboriginal horseman; Snow McGlynn, a laconic, curmudgeonly farmer; and Art Lovelee, an eccentric engineer – find themselves sharing a finger of farmland along the Darling River, and not much else. That is, until Art’s wife Grace, a battle-hardened nurse, gets to work on them all with her no-nonsense wisdom.

Last Survivor by Tony Park


Joanne Flack is on the run - suspected of stealing a rare African plant thought to be extinct and worth millions of dollars.


Sonja Kurtz is hired by the CIA to hunt down Joanne and find the link between the missing plant and a terrorist group hiding out in South Africa.


Joanne is a member of the Pretoria Cycad and Firearms Appreciation Society who take it upon themselves to track down the plant ... and the traitor in their midst who is willing to kill for it. 

  From the publisher:

The Night Letters by Denise Leith

When threatening night letters from the Taliban taunt Kabul’s vibrant Shahir Square, and two young boys disappear without a trace, young Australian doctor Sofia Raso must determine her place, and ability, to intervene. 




The Farm at Peppertree Crossing by Léonie Kelsall

After a fractured childhood spent in foster homes, city-girl Roni has convinced herself that she has no need of anyone - other than her not-as-tough-as-he-looks rescued street cat, Scritches, and her unborn baby, who she's determined will feel all the love she's been denied.

Despite facing a bleak future, Roni distrusts the news of a bequest from an unknown aunt, Marian Nelson. But, out of options, she and Scritches leave Sydney behind, bound for the 800-acre property on the edge of the wheat fields of South Australia.

However, this is no simple inheritance: Marian seeks to control her legacy from beyond the grave by setting tasks that Roni must complete before she can claim the property and a life that could change her future. With everything at stake, Roni must learn to trust in the truth of Marian's most important lesson: everyone deserves love. 

  My purchase:

Something in the Wine by Tricia Stringer

Reserved high school teacher Keely Mitchell is more than ready for her holiday on the west coast of Australia, so when a medical emergency turns over all her plans and an intervention by a kind stranger finds her recovering in a Margaret River vineyard, she is at first downcast.

Keely had wanted to put recent traumatic events out of her mind, and recuperating alone in a stranger's house won't help that. But slowly the lovely food, spectacular wine and beautiful landscape of the area begin to work their spell. As Keely makes friends with the locals and adapts to the rhythms of the vintner's year, she starts to feel part of the scenery too, particularly when her artwork and jewellery-making somehow find a home at Levallier Dell Wines.

But clouds are on the horizon in the shape of a warring father and son, interfering family friends and a rival in love. Keely didn't mean to fall for anyone, but she can't help her feelings for clever, passionate wine-maker Flynn Levallier. Sadly, it seems he only has eyes for the beautiful Kat, daughter of a rival wine-maker. Can what Keely feels be real? Or is it just something in the wine? 

I would love to hear what books you received in the mail recently!




  1. Deconstructed pavlova is a great idea! Have a good week and enjoy your reading!

  2. Great looking books! I am eyeing Something in the Wine.

    Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  3. Wow! What a yummy looking dessert.

    Seems you won some great books. The Farm at Peppertree Crossing and Something in the Wine caught my eye. Hope you enjoy them.

    Have a nice week.

    1. I'm really looking forward to The Farm at Peppertree Crossing. I've read some great reviews.

  4. That is a nice collection of new books you've gathered! Happy reading!

  5. Now, I want to try a Pavlova ;-) Happy reading and knitting.

  6. The pavlova looks like a real treat. Nice haul of books. Enjoy!

  7. Great Mailbox, The Night Letters looks like an interesting read. And that pavlova looks amazing, hope everyone enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks Sarah. I'm looking forward to reading The Night Letters.

  8. I like the looks of THE NIGHT LETTERS.

    I hope you are having a nice week.

    1. I've just finished Letters from Berlin so it looks like Letters are in this week. :)