Monday, 6 April 2020

Mailbox Monday - April 6th

Mailbox Monday is a meme started by Marcia of To Be Continued. Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. It now has a permanent home at the Mailbox Monday blog. Head over and check out other books received during the last week. 

Happy Monday!

It's been an interesting few weeks as we continue practicing social distancing as the country remains in lockdown. Members of my family are all  coping and adjusting to this new normal. Uni for my daughter has moved online and she is finding it easier as she would normally spend 45 minutes each way for travel. Not being able to go out and socialise she is not finding quite so easy. We have been doing lots of walking and cooking (comfort food).

Dot celebrated her 6th birthday and didn't mind that her party had to be cancelled. Instead celebrating with her parents and grandparents only.
Cake and cookies were made by Dot's very talented mum.

I also celebrated my birthday over the last fortnight and had a quiet affair of cake and tea with my children and grandchildren. And made my own cake! I'm saving a lot of money by being stuck in the house.

My eldest daughter had to cancelled her engagement party. We have had cancelled events, job losses, reduced wages, cancelled holidays and I am continually amazed how all my children seem to take these disappointments in their stride and get on with life. I am proud of them all.
The weather has been glorious and Dot and Ditto have enjoyed spending lots of time out in the garden. 

I have also resumed knitting but I will leave that for another post.

Books received over the last two weeks.

The Boundary Fence by Alissa Callen
The scars country vet Ella Quinlivan hides are not solely on the outside. Men are off limits.
With a broken marriage behind him, Saul Armstrong is determined to recapture his dreams by bringing American bison to the Australian bush. 
When Saul calls out Ella for a bison emergency she isn't just thrown out of her comfort zone by dealing with an unfamiliar animal. Slow-smiling and guarded Saul stirs emotions she'd long ago discarded.  

 Fool Me Once by Karly Lane
Farmer, Georgie Henderson manages a cattle farm in the New England region of NSW, but her dream has always been to buy back her family property, Tamban.
When an unlikely meeting with Michael Delacourt at a rowdy B&S Ball sends them on a whirlwind romance, Georgie can't believe it's possible for life to be this good and her dream of buying back Tamban has, for the first time, taken a backseat to happiness.
But her world shatters when she discovers the shocking secret Michael has been trying to keep from her.

The Viennese Girl by Jenny LeCoat

Hedy Bercu, a young Jewish girl from Vienna who fled to the isolation and safety of Jersey two years earlier to escape the Nazis, finds herself once more trapped, but this time with no way of escape.

Hiding her racial status, Hedy is employed by the German authorities and secretly embarks on small acts of resistance. But most dangerously of all, she falls in love with German lieutenant Kurt Neumann -- a relationship on which her life will soon depend.

 Murmurations by Carol Lefevre
This exquisite novella explores the complications of intersecting lives and the harbouring of secrets. It is about the absence of women. In these intricately woven lives, we hear the sage advice of the absent yet ever present Erris to fly far, be free. At its heart this is about the fight for reclaiming of stories and for the right to tell the truth about one's own life.

I would love to hear what you received in the mail lately!


  1. It sounds like your family is faring well. We just have to cope with our new "normal" and move on I guess. I'm finding it all very distracting, making it difficult to focus on much of anything.

    1. Yes, I think one thing we are all feeling is the inability to focus.

  2. Your family seems very supportive by going with the flow of events. Hang in there, and I love the look of the goodies.

    Enjoy staying safe and well and in the moment. Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  3. It is nice to hear your family togetherness as you cope with these times. All nice looking new books - I especially like the sound of The Boundary Fence.
    Enjoy your reading and continue to stay safe!

    1. Thank Martha. I do enjoy rural romance. They have a large focus on farming and community.

  4. I am glad everyone is doing well. Look at all those yummy treats. Happy belated birthday.

    Your books look great. I saw The Viennese Girl somewhere else recently too.

    Hope you stay safe and healthy.

  5. Thank you Cheryl. I’m looking forward to reading The Viennese Girl. It has a beautiful cover.