Monday, 23 March 2020

Mailbox Monday - March 23rd

Mailbox Monday is a meme started by Marcia of To Be Continued. Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. It now has a permanent home at the Mailbox Monday blog. Head over and check out other books received during the last week. 

Happy Monday!

As the country goes into lockdown I find I'm relying more and more on my online friends for support and socialising.  I did manage to get a dinner in with a few friends before the virus hit and we were asked to practice social distancing.

The great toilet paper famine continues however we did mange to obtain a few rolls thanks to our local supermarket initiating a  seniors hour from 7am to 8am. Other than that we are sticking to our normal weekly shop.

Looks like my birthday for this year has been cancelled but I have had enough birthdays to last me a lifetime and there will always be next year's birthday to celebrate.

Books received over the last two weeks.

 Received from the publishers.

Red Dirt Country by Fleur McDonald
Recovering from an undercover case in outback Queensland, Dave Burrows finally returns to Perth, to join his pregnant wife, Melinda, and their small daughter, Bec. Things have been off-kilter between Mel and Dave for some time and nothing he says or does seems to make it right. Once Dave starts waking violently in the dark nights, reliving the horrors of the Queensland job, Mel issues an ultimatum.

But Dave's work, despite its dangers, means everything to him. He's finally achieved his long-held dream and is now a Detective Senior Constable in the stock squad. And as soon as his shoulder wound is declared fully healed, Dave jumps into an investigation of stock theft in the north of Australia. There's a standoff between two stations and a history of disappearances and grief to uncover.

 Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan
Liz Trenchard is an experienced pediatrician with a duty to protect all children admitted to her busy emergency room When Jess Curtis, an affluent, stay-at-home mother, turns up at the ER one night with her baby girl, she immediately prompts suspicion. The ten-month-old has a blow to the head her mother doesn’t seem to have noticed, and Jess has a story that doesn’t stack up.

Meanwhile, Liz is riddled with doubt as she confronts secrets held by her mother, whose neglect not only led to a childhood tragedy involving her brother but raises questions about another baby Liz half-remembers from thirty-five years ago.

 The Long Road Home by Fiona McCallum
Alice Hamilton is enjoying her new life in Ballarat with the freedom to explore her future now she's stepped away from the constraints of her upbringing. She's learnt the hard way that knowledge is power, and is looking forward to her legal studies, then making a difference as a lawyer with heart.

But whilst Alice's life is looking up, back in Hope Springs the world of her former husband Rick Peterson is unravelling. After a chance meeting a few months earlier, Rick and Alice have reconnected. And it's fortunate they have, because Rick is about to need Alice's friendship like he's never needed it before.

  Mum & Dad by Joanna Trollope
 It’s been 25 years since Gus and Monica left England to start a new life in Spain, building a vineyard and wine business from the ground up. However, when Gus suffers a stroke and their idyllic Mediterranean life is thrown into upheaval, it’s left to their three grown-up children in London to step in . . .
But as long-simmering resentments rise to the surface and tensions reach breaking point, can the family ties prove strong enough to keep them together?  

Crack Up by Jules Faber
Max Crack and his best friend Frankie are back with even more quest-ordinary adventures!

Armed with a shiny new quest list, they are on a mission to find a meteorite, make a movie, solve a sisterly feud, eat truckloads of chocolate, set a World Record ...

Go Away Glob by Sarah Elliott Smyth 

Go Away Glob encourages children to process and overcome feelings of anxiety, worry and self-doubt, to get back to enjoying the activities that they love.

Searching for Seashells by Kerry Rosser

Searching for Seashells is a comforting and gentle story that empowers families to talk about love, loss and remembering. Sharing in a simple way the many big feelings of grief, it reassures young readers that love and memories continue even after someone is gone.

Ebook from the author

Midwife in the Jungle by Fiona McArthur
Jacinta McLeod met Dr Jonah Armstrong delirious with malaria and, even then, she needed to fight off the urge to know more about this fascinating patient. When the chance came to follow him to the wilds of Papua New Guinea, and into a dangerous medical mission up the Sepik River, she took it, despite Jonah’s absolute ‘no’!

 I would love to hear what you received in the mail lately!



  1. I just don't get the toilet paper thing. Luckily, I'm one of those people who keep a supply of things like that around so we're okay for now.

    You got a nice variety of books. I hope they keep you distracted.

  2. I have enjoyed several Joanna Trollope books, so I want to check out Mum & Dad. I also like the look of Little Disasters.

    Enjoy your reading and stay safe.

  3. I totally get relying on your online chums. The four of us have been home together for a week now. Enjoying some family time, but it's not the same as hanging out with your peers and business associates.

    What a great bunch of books. I've seen Red Dirt Country more than one place today.

    Praying you stay safe and healthy.

  4. I don't understand how people can be so selfish with the TP. My hubby buys in bulk so we should be okay. Might have to share with our daughter. :-).
    Those birthdays get less important as they add up.
    Looks like you have some great books. Midwife in the Jungle sounds like a good read.
    Stay safe and enjoy some good reading!

  5. The TP situation is exactly the same here in the UK, together with just about every healthcare and cleaning product - are all these people THAT dirty!!

    Hubbie has always laughed about the amount of stock I keep back on a regular basis, now he is more than grateful!

    We will probably miss our 41st WA at the end of April and as we are supposed to be in isolation for 12 weeks, probably both our 62nd BD's in May too - not that those things really bother me anymore.

    I have just started the TBR pile explosion that I know is going to happen whilst I am at home, with another 3 recommendations and 1 actual download - that's a lot of new books in 12 weeks!

    You have a great mix of new titles to be getting on with, with my personal favourite being 'Little Disasters', although I'm not too sure about that title!

    Stay Safe and keep in touch :)