Thursday 12 March 2020

Bookish Blog Hops - A book that Scares You.

For the month of March I will be touring the web with my blogging buddies from The Bookish Blog Hops Facebook group. I know that it is Autumn in Australia but I am linking with bloggers all over the world and wouldn't it be nice if it was Spring now. 

Each day for the month of March we will be asking bloggers a question and show casing their answers on a host blog site.

On to today's question:

 A book that scares you. 

 For this I have chosen My Dark Vanessa, a heartbreaking story of manipulation and child abuse as a school teacher seduces his 15 year old student. This abuse has long term affects on Vanessa. Timely in the #MeToo era, these stories need to be told. It's no longer acceptable to turn a blind eye.

This book scared me with how easy it was for this teacher to have access to his students, single the vulnerable ones out and then play his game of victim blaming. And he did it again and again.
It wasn't an easy read but I'm glad I read it.

Read my full review here

Let's see what books scared our other bloggers: 

Stormi - Bewitched Reader Book Blog - 
All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover is a book on my TBR that scares me. Not because the book itself is a thriller or horror novel, but instead because I’ve heard it’s a very emotional read. I’ve also heard the book is about a couple’s struggle with infertility, which is something I could potentially suffer with due to a medical condition, so this read may hit very close to home for me when I get to it.

Erica Robyn - Erica Robyn Reads- 
Still Alice by Lisa Genova is a novel that I read and loved, but it also terrified me. The storyline was incredible-it was heartbreaking and difficult to read but also hopeful, filled with love, and just plain amazing. This novel is about a woman who is just beginning her descent into early onset Alzheimer's disease. As the story goes on, she struggles more and more. Reading about the character going through this really scared me. I can’t even imagine how difficult seeing someone you actually know go through this is.

Jo Linsdell
We Don't Talk About Her by Andersen Prunty was really disturbing. It was like an episode of Criminal Minds but with only bad guys. There are literally no good guys in the whole story, and it leaves you thinking about which of the characters was the most messed up. Stalking, obsession, manipulation, sex with a corpse... this had it all. The really scary thing about it is that despite it being quite an extreme book there are people in this world that do the stuff that happens in the book. 

Leslie Conzatti
I don’t read a whole lot of horror or scary books--at least, I don’t really make a habit of reading disturbing literature. However, I am a big fan of thrillers, and the author whose sci-fi thrillers I will definitely read is Michael Crichton. I recently read one of his books, Prey--about a swarm of nanobots that gets released into the air over a desert in Nevada, originally intended to be a series of molecular cameras for medical imaging… but then someone gets the idea to weaponize the things, programming them with an artificial intelligence code derived from a predator stalking its prey… which then mutates with the nanobots’ design and they “learn” that living animals are the “prey”... and out in the desert, the highest concentration of living creatures happen to be the human staff in the remote lab… It’s creepy, it’s high-stakes, it’s mysterious and bizarre… and I quickly learned that this was not the book to read just before bed!

Laura Doherty - Tales of a Natural Spoonie -
I hate horror whether it be film or book, in fact I dislike anything that causes a fear response in me. I find the feeling of being afraid really negative and it unsettles me for days on end. So much so that I avoid things that may trigger that response as much as I humanely can. This means I am struggling to think of a book that has given me a proper scare. I did read The Magic Cottage by James Herbert when I was a teenager though and that was pretty freaky.

Alix Maza- The Bookish Alix 
Thrillers, mysteries and suspense are my go-to genres so it takes a lot to scare me. That being said Rules for Vanishing, The Broken Girls and The Sun Down Motel freaked me out! Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall is a YA thriller/mystery with supernatural and down right creepy elements! The Broken Girls and The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James is also supernatural and is the type that make you read in broad daylight and sleep with a nightlight. All are FANTASTIC reads!


  1. Oooh, I love how everyone had a different take on this - I think what scares us in books tells us a lot about who we are as people 😉 I've not read My Dark Vanessa yet but I've been seeing it everywhere, I need to get onto it by the sounds!

  2. I was not expecting to see Still Alice here, but that actually makes sense.
    The last book that was really scary for me, even more now with the coronavirus (the connection is that this virus hardly touches children), is the scifi Supernova Era, by Liu Cixin.
    A supernova has just exploded near planet Earth, and because of the heat and radiation, human chromosomes are damaged. As a consequence, everyone older than 13 is going to die.
    So adults have at most twelve months to train and prepare their children to run the world and learn everything, from performing surgeries, to flying planes, operating a nuclear plant to produce electricity, etc.
    It was scary also because of some sociological elements form our current time that the author used and pushed to the max.
    My review is here, highly recommended book:

  3. I like the variety of books everyone listed!

  4. I just added some of these to my TBR, including your pick. Thanks!

  5. Ok I have added some of these books to my TBR list! I love scary and disturbing books, the last disturbing but not scary was The Boy In The Barn - it was more dark and twisted than scary.