Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Books and Bites Bingo - Category 2 #BooksandBitesBingo2020

This bingo challenge is with Facebook group Books and Bites with Monique Mulligan

It's still early days in my reading year but I was lucky enough to read a fabulous book that fit perfectly with this challenge.

This week I will be completing the 'A book with a door on the cover' category.

A book with a door on the cover

For this category I have chosen "Saving Missy".  

I initially thought this would be a hard one to fill. How often do you see doors on the cover of books! But here we have a book with several doors. It was a fabulous read as well.

Saving Missy teaches us it is never too late to change, grow and make new friends.

You can read my full review here