Saturday, 11 January 2020

Books and Bites Bingo - Category 1 #BooksandBitesBingo2020

This bingo challenge is with Facebook group Books and Bites with Monique Mulligan

I've only read and reviewed one book so far this year so I will need to double up on my bingo choices.

This week I will be completing the 'Debut Novel' category.

A Debut Novel

For this category I have chosen "Such a Fun Age".  

This was an interesting book about race, class, white saviour complex and do-gooders.  However it also had themes of growing up and at 25 Emira was still uncertain what she wanted to do with her life. She was currently hired as a babysitter, a job that was usually associated with 16 year olds. A roller coaster series of events cause Emira to take stock of her life and force her to take action. This is the debut novel of Kiley Reid. I'm looking forward to seeing what Kiley comes out with next.

You can read my full review here  



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  1. It's great you could use the same book for both book bingos, I'm likely to be the same as the one I had planned didn't get finished in time.