Monday, 20 May 2019

Mailbox Monday: May 20th

Mailbox Monday is a meme started by Marcia of To Be Continued. Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. It now has a permanent home at the Mailbox Monday blog. Head over and check out other books received during the last week. 

Happy Monday! 

Not much has happened over the last week although I always seem to be busy.
I had lunch with friends on Friday (sorry no photos) and it was nice to catch up with one friend I hadn't seen for over six months.
My daughter and I made a tasty caramel slice and I took a quick photo  before it was devoured.

Not the most glamorous photo but it was delicious.

Books  received during the past week.
I received one book which was a Netgalley invitation from St Martin's Press
 Renia's Diary by Renia Spiegel

The long-hidden diary of a young Polish woman's last days during the Holocaust, translated for the first time into English, with a foreword from American Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt.

Renia Spiegel was a young girl from an upper-middle class Jewish family living on an estate in Stawki, Poland, near what was at that time the border with Romania. In the summer of 1939, Renia and her sister Elizabeth (née Ariana) were visiting their grandparents in Przemysl, right before the Germans invaded Poland.

Like Anne Frank, Renia recorded her days in her beloved diary. She also filled it with beautiful original poetry. Her diary records how she grew up, fell in love, and was rounded up by the invading Nazis and forced to move to the ghetto in Przemsyl with all the other Jews. By luck, Renia's boyfriend Zygmund was able to find a tenement for Renia to hide in with his parents and took her out of the ghetto. This is all described in the Diary, as well as the tragedies that befell her family and her ultimate fate in 1942, as written in by Zygmund on the Diary's final page.
What Books did your postman deliver this week?

Post a link to your Mailbox Monday or simply list your books in the comments below.


  1. Hi Veronica,

    Last week wasn't quite so hectic, but this coming holiday weekend is going to be very busy, as the end of May is silly season on the birthday front, with mine, hubbies, one of my nieces, and the other niece's husband, all within four days - Oh! and just for good measure it's my sister-in-law and her husband's wedding anniversary in there somewhere! Luckily, my blogging schedule is all planned out and reading is going to be very much on the back burner for a few days!

    I love caramel slice and yours looks very chocolaty and tasty. You can keep all the new fangled flavours which keep appearing in the shops, give me traditional any time!

    Renia's Diary probably isn't a book I would buy for myself, however I could see myself dipping in and out of it, maybe reading a chapter at a time, especially if much of it is poetry.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week :)


  2. Oh wow that caramel slice looks delicious!!!

    I have read Anne Frank's diary so many times. I definitely want to read Renia's. Makes you wonder how many more diaries are out there, waiting to be found so the writers voices can be heard.

  3. Oh I love caramel and I bet that was yummy!
    Renia's Diary does look good. Happy Reading!