Thursday, 8 July 2021

Spotlight: Red Earth Diaries by Jason Rebello

Red Earth Diaries: A Migrant Couple's Backpacking Adventure in Australia
Jason Rebello
A one-way ticket to Australia...two months of travel...and a shoestring budget.


Publisher: Evolving Wordsmith
Publication date: 8th July 2021
Genre: Non Fiction / Travel
Pages: 214
Format available: paperback and eBook
Price: $24.19, $5.99AUD
About the book
In Red Earth Diaries we meet Jason and Ambika, a newlywed couple who migrated to Australia with the hope of a fresh start. However, unlike most migrants, they made a bold decision to postpone their settlement plans, throw caution to the wind and backpack in Australia on a shoestring budget.

Their intention was to learn about the country and its people first-hand ... a land they would someday call home.

Swimming with sharks, cuddling cute koalas, chartering private helicopters, venturing deep into ancient rainforests, and getting to know plenty of locals – the couple had incredible experiences in this stunning country.

Their travel story is interwoven with snippets of history and provides the reader with a glimpse of Australia as viewed through the eyes of newly arrived migrants.

Join Jason and Ambika on their spectacular journey of discovery.

'Red Earth Diaries' is founded on four primary pillars: a migrant’s journal, a travelogue, a glimpse into Australian history, and an inspirational tale. The central message of the book is for everyone to chase their dreams - however distant and impossible they may seem.
About the author
Jason Rebello was born in Mumbai, India, and went to sea at the early age of seventeen. He spent many years sailing across the world on modern ocean liners, eventually rising to the rank of a ship’s Captain. His sea career was interspaced with a healthy dose of backpacking and intrepid travels and as a result, he was firmly hooked on a life of adventure and uncommon living. His travel blog was born out of his passion for travel. He has also written several self-help books in the ‘Migrant Ninja’ series.

Jason, with his wife and two children, is now settled in Australia.
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