Saturday, 27 April 2019

Book Bingo - Round 9 #BookBingo2019

Book Bingo is a reading challenge hosted by Theresa Smith Writes , Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse. Every second Saturday, book bingo participants reveal which bingo category they have read and what book they chose. 

This week I have chosen the category 'A Novel that has 500 pages or more."


A novel with 500 pages or more

I tend to be a little scared off by big books. Anything over 400 pages always manages to be placed at the bottom of the pile and at 624 pages The Butterfly Room looked like it might be a challenge however the pages flew by and it took me no time at all to finish it. The story was all engrossing and the secrets and mysteries kept my enthralled.

You can read my full review of The Butterfly Room here




  1. I'm interested in reading this one, I think I'll have to wait a while to read such another huge book though.

  2. Good fit! What a beautiful cover this book has.