Friday 26 January 2018

Book Review: White Roses in Winter by Barbara Meyers

White Roses in Winter 

White Roses in Winter by Barbara Meyers

Publisher: Self published

Publication Date: 1st November 2017
Pages: 372
Format: Kindle
Source: eBook from author


 The princess. The pauper. And a shotgun…
The only thing Jason is focused on is getting through his last year of college. But the instant attraction between him and Kerrie leads to one unforgettable night together.
When Kerrie’s wealthy, overly-protective father learns she is pregnant, he arranges a temporary marriage to teach her a lesson about choices and consequences. Jason reluctantly agrees to keep his participation in the plan a secret, because it’s the only way he can safeguard his future and his family.
Kerrie is blinded by her romantic fantasy and doesn’t suspect she’s been set up. Meanwhile, Jason guards his heart and vows that when Kerrie leaves with their baby, he won’t beg her to stay.
Just when it seems a future together is possible, lies, betrayal and deceit threaten to separate Kerrie and Jason forever. Faced with losing each other and their baby, will their fragile bond be strong enough?


                                            My thoughts

White Roses in Winter is a modern take on a shotgun wedding crossed with a rich girl meets poor boy trope.
It’s insta love when Kerrie first meets Jason at a party hosted by her friend Tiffany. After a romantic night on the beach she can’t stop thinking about him. However Jason learns that Kerrie is the daughter of the rich and powerful Kenneth Huddleston and realises he will never be good enough for her so doesn’t pursue the relationship. A guy from the wrong side of the tracks that doesn’t have a dime! When Kerrie finds out she is pregnant and her dominating father demands they get married Jason knows it will all be over once the child is born in wedlock but he was never someone to shirk his duty.

This is a love story with a difference. The couple had only known each other for a day with no further communication until they were forced to get married. Kerrie has been over protected by her parents and has no idea of the real world. She thinks that the marriage will be fun. The two of them together bringing up their child. Jason has done life tough, money is tight and he studies during the day and works during the night. He knows this is going to be hard but he will do his duty until the inevitable happens and Kerrie leaves him.

There is lots of anguish in this book as Kerrie and Jason fail to communicate and each worries continually as to the others intentions.
Jason has past demons that also need to be addressed and Kerrie’s over protective parents throw kidnapping and claims of abuse into the mix. Bring in Kerrie’s drug taking, party girl best friend Tiffany, who thinks Jason should have been hers and there is never a dull moment in this romantic suspense.

The only things that reduced my star rating was that it was told in too many POVs , sometimes changing mid page, also I’m not a big fan of internal monologue and this was used often throughout the book.

White Roses in Winter is a coming of age romance full of strong characters and complex relationships. The characters are engaging and well developed.

I would like to thank the author for my copy to read and review.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
                                   About the author

 Barista by day, romance novelist by night: When not writing fiction, Dr Suess-like poetry (for adults) or song lyrics, Barbara Meyers disguises herself behind a green apron and works part-time for a world-wide coffee company.
Her novels are a mix of comedy, suspense and spice and often feature a displaced child.
Barbara is still married to her first husband and has two fantastic children. Originally from Southwest Missouri, (she blames her roots in the Show Me state for her somewhat skeptical nature) she currently resides in Central Florida.


  1. Thanks for reviewing White Roses in Winter, Veronica. I appreciate it.

    1. My pleasure Barbara. Loved the character of Kerrie! She was so strong when everything was against her.