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Book Review: Jorie and the River of Fire (Middle Grade Fantasy)

Jorie and the River of FireJorie and the River of Fire by A.H. Richardson
Series: Book 3
Publisher: Self Published
Publication date: 1st August 2017
Pages: 288
Format read: paperback
Source: Author via Book Publicity Services


 When Jorie and Rufus are reunited after a year, each one having gone abroad to France and Germany to study language, they are summoned to help their beloved friends below the Tarn to rescue the Great Wizard, who has been kidnapped. With no idea where he has gone, the children dive back into the Tarn, back to the land of Cabrynthia. Taking the Magic Stones with them, they set out immediately to find the Great Grootmonya, soon learning that he has been imprisoned in a cell atop a steep mountain in the evil land of Shyloxia. Their mission is fraught with fierce fights and entanglements as Rufus learns that his beloved dragon, Chook, also has been kidnapped. How does one kidnap a dragon? It isn't easy, but their wicked adversary, the grim and gruesome Lord Fodomalk, is very resourceful. The children encounter many frightening adventures in a terrible inferno fraught with belching volcanoes and the terrifying River of Fire. And don't overlook some angry creatures and the poisonous butterflies. It is a race against time. Can the duo get to the Wizard in time, as he grows weaker with each passing hour? How do they cross the fiery River? And where is Chook? Throughout all of this, Jorie and Rufus soldier on, desperately and bravely, using their magic Stones and their warmth and affection for one another shining like a steady beacon. Join this brave pair and enjoy their adventurous journey through a magical kingdom under the Tarn.

                                                         My thoughts

I was very excited to receive the latest edition in the Jorie series.

Jorie and Rufus are now 13 years old and even though Aunt Lettie says she’s a young lady now and should be putting all thoughts of dragons behind her Jorie is still eager to see Rufus again and start on a new adventure.

Jorie and the River of Fire is the third book in the Jorie series and I’m saying “series” here because I’m hoping this isn’t a trilogy. I’m not ready to let go of Jorie and Rufus just yet.

The Lord of Cabrynthius, Grootmonya, is missing believed held captive by the evil Lord Fodomalk in the land of Telanzid to which only access is across the river of fire. Telanzid is a new land introduced in this book. A land on the far side of Shyloxia that is hot, dry and arid with fires burning and active volcanoes. These other worldly lands are accessed via a Tarn on the land of Jorie’s Aunt Letitia. The children enter the Tarn say the magic words and are whisked away to the new worlds.

Jorie is still cheeky, lively and talkative as ever but she is always polite. Jorie and Rufus work together for a common goal as they embark on this dangerous and unpredictable journey unaware of the perils that lay ahead, the unexpected dangers, the creatures they might meet, the good and the bad. Lord Fodomalk with calculated cunning will do everything in his power to thwart the children’s plan to rescue the Great Wizard.

The children come across Trovods (rat like people), trolls, elves, shape shifting dragons, the egg shaped people of Doonian and the deadly Daggadi (a huge metal butterfly with jaws of iron).

The imagery is vivid and the story moves smoothly between the world of the Tran and the real world. Aunt Letitia , Colonel Horsfall and housekeeper, Bessie, feature more in this book and make for some amusing moments and add old world charm as a little romance starts to develop between Letitia and the Colonel.

Jorie is the heroine of the series but it’s not all about Jorie. Rufus has his fair share of smart ideas and brave moments.

The Jorie series is one of the best 6 years+ children’s series I’ve read.
If your child only reads one book this year make sure it’s from this series!
I received a review copy via Book Publicity Services
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Age level: 6 years +
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                                                  About the author
 13907840 A. H. Richardson is a treasured storyteller, whose unlimited imagination conjures up challenging and unforgettable characters, both good and evil, daring children everywhere to delve into their imaginations and learn to rely on courage and bravery to win the day.
Born in England (yes, there are dragons there too), the author has always loved tales of flying and mythical magical creatures. She once tried to pin wings on her pony, quite sure that he could then fly!
She is the daughter of the famous composer, Clive Richardson, who always encouraged her to wite, even as a small child. She paints and sculpts, plays guitar, trained dressage competitions, is a linguist and acted on stage, film and television.

To learn more about the author and her other books visit her website here

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