Monday, 11 October 2021

Giveaway: Win a paperback copy of Birds of a Feather by Tricia Stringer

Thanks to Harlequin Australia I have a paperback copy of Birds of a Feather to give away to one lucky reader.
Birds of a Feather is The Book Stack Facebook Group book of the month for October.

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 Who will find you when you lose your place in the world?

Full of practical wisdom, this heart-warming novel from a bestselling author celebrates finding help where you least expect it as well as the ties between women that can change - and save - lives.

Eve has been a partner in a Wallaby Bay fishing fleet as long as she can remember. Now they want her to sell - but what would her life be without work? She lives alone, her role on the town committee has been spiked by malicious gossip and she is incapacitated after surgery. For the first time in her life she feels weak, vulnerable - old.

When her troubled god-daughter Julia arrives at Wallaby Bay, she seems to offer Eve a reprieve from her own concerns. But there is no such thing as plain sailing. Eve has another house guest, the abrasive Lucy, who is helping her recuperate and does not look kindly on Julia's desire for Eve's attention.

But Lucy, too, has demons to battle and as each woman struggles to overcome their loss of place in the world, they start to realise that there may be more that holds them together, than keeps them apart.

But will these birds of feather truly be able to reinvent what family means? Or will the secrets and hurts of the past shatter their precarious hold on their new lives ... and each other?
Enter via the form below. (Open to Australian addresses only). Entries close at midnight on 18th October 2021.
This giveaway is now closed and the winner was announced here.


  1. I would love to win a copy of this book. Reading is my passion

  2. I've read one of Tricia's other books, Table for Eight and loved it, this would be fantastic to read too.

  3. Tricia Stringer books are always a great read.

  4. I love Tricia's books. Always a good read with believable characters I don't want to leave, posing the question do I hurry up and find out the ending? Or delay, to stay with them longer?