Saturday 21 December 2019

Book Bingo 2019 end of year wrap up #BookBingo

Book Bingo is a reading challenge hosted by Theresa Smith Writes , Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse. Over the course of the year each participant was required to read 30 books relating to the squares on the bingo card. I had a lot of fun trying to find books that were already on my TBR that fit into each category. I didn't want to buy new books if I could help it.
The year started off fairly easy with so many categories to choose from but I knew there were a few I would struggle with such as nonfiction, author over 65 and book written more than 10 years ago. Quite often it was not a matter of not having a book to read but finding time to read the books. Anyway I did manage to finish the full card and I am very pleased with myself.
Below is the full list of books read for the challenge.

Book with a red cover - The Ex
Beloved classic - Brer Rabbit Again
Novel that has 500 pages or more - The Butterfly Room
Novella no more than 150 pages - Christmas With the Boss
Prize winning  book - Exit West
Book by an author with same initials as you - Victoria James - Christmas with the Sheriff
Non Fiction book about an event - Renia's Diary
Fictional biography about a woman in history - Making Trouble - Tongued with Fire
Memior about a non-famous person - Wish You Were Here
Book written by an Australian woman more than 10 years ago - Odd One Out
Themes of Science Fiction - Rogue
Themes of culture - Tidelands
Themes of Justice - In a Great Southern Land
Themes of Inequality - The Librarian of Auschwitz
Themes of Fantasy The Ruin of Kings 
A book with a place in the title - The Cinema at Starlight Creek
A book set in the Australian outback - Home at Last
Book set on the Australian coast - Sixty Seconds
Book set in the Australian mountains - The Pink Snowman
Set in an exotic location: The Christmas Lights
Written by an Australian man -  The Secrets She Keeps
Written by an Australian Woman - The Wrong Callahan
Written by an author under 35 -  Baby
Written by an author over 65 - The Invention of Wings 
Written by an author you've never read before: Louis & Louise
Literary Fiction -  Bridge of Clay
Crime -  Death of an Old Girl
Historical - The Glovemaker
Romance -  The Secret Son's Homecoming
Comedy - Our Stop

I will definitely be joining in again for 2020 and I urge everyone to join in next year. There are really no hard and fast rules and sometimes the categories are open to your interpretation making this a fun relaxed challenge.  


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  1. Thanks for joining in this year and so glad to hear you're sticking around with us!