Thursday 11 October 2018

Book Review: Treasure Hunt at Pirate's Paradise by Mahima Kalla

Title: Treasure Hunt at Pirate's Paradise
Author: Mahima Kalla
Illustrator: Maria Titova
Series: The Audacious Adventure Series #1
Publisher: Self published
Publication Date: August 2018
Pages: 105
Format Read: Ebook
Source: Courtesy of author

Leia is a history teacher with a fascination for pirate history and culture. She is one of select few people who know about the existence of Pirate's Paradise - a tiny deceivingly beautiful island, tucked away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The island’s picturesque beauty could easily mislead the untrained eye, for amid the stunning forests and colourful birds, lay many grave dangers. Legend has it, that hidden in the hinterland of Pirate’s Paradise, is ancient pirate treasure.

When Leia is given the opportunity to go treasure hunting at Pirate’s Paradise, she couldn’t think of a better travel companion than Krish. Krish is her 12-year old nephew with a passion for wildlife and adventure.

Together they make a great team. But, Pirate’s Paradise is not for the faint-hearted. Will Leia and Krish successfully navigate the many dangers of Pirate's Paradise and find the ancient pirate treasure?

Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise is the first in the Audacious Adventure series and an excellent first chapter book. The print is large and well spaced and the illustrations are bright and captivating.

Pirate’s Paradise is an island tucked away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Very few people know it exists. The island is picturesque but hidden amongst its beauty were a myriad of dangers.

Leia, who loves adventure and has a fascination for all things pirate, is given a map of Pirate Paradise. She had heard the island had hidden treasures and ancient magical items. Not wanting to go alone Leia asks Krish, her 12 year old nephew, to accompany her. She knew that Krish was smart as well as adventurous.

The story has themes of patience, working together and problem solving as they decipher the map and work out the riddle to follow the clues. As they navigate the mysteries and dangers of the island they deal with feelings of frustration and learn not to give up.

The magical elements are easy to visualise and the story is both atmospheric and suspense filled. It is filled with adventure and sparks a child’s imagination.

Dot really enjoyed this story because, just like Leia, she loves everything pirate. The story was a great length to read in one sitting and the beautiful colour illustrations dispersed throughout brought the story to life.
Dot’s favourite part was when the fire fairy appeared to light Leia and Krish’s way through the dark cave. She is happy for the story to be read over and over again.

This is a splendid first introduction to urban fantasy and magical elements.
Suitable for ages 3+ (read to me) or 5+ (read alone).

My Rating 5/5                          🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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photo courtesy of Goodreads

Mahima was born in India, and moved to Australia after high school, to study at university. One day, while babysitting her nephew who was going through a ‘pirate-phase’ at the time, she made up an impromptu story starring him and herself. That night, she went home and wrote the story down. Few months later, the story had developed into the first book of the Audacious Adventurers Series, 'Treasure Hunt at Pirate's Paradise'.

She has always been passionate about storytelling, and believes that stories can have a big impact on people's lives. She has enjoyed writing ever since she was a child. Her first piece of writing was a poem she wrote when she was 7 years old. When she is not working or writing for children, she enjoys meditating, getting out in nature, and spending time with her family and friends.


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