Saturday, 11 November 2017

Product Review: Vatea Skin Care Range

We as consumers are becoming to understand that the chemicals and additives in beauty products that claim to make us more beautiful and youthful are in fact destroying our skin.
A new age has dawned where we, and beauty companies, have come to learn that we need to care for our skin and our planet in a natural way leaving our bodies with a natural healthy glow and importantly leaving our planet unscarred by chemical waste.

Over the years I have tried every new product claiming to reverse the signs of aging, repair years of damage caused by sun exposure and make me look ten years younger. All this exposure to different additives has resulted in my skin becoming extremely sensitive and developing dermatitis. So it was back to basics; soap free cleansers and QV moisturisers.

Vatea have produced an all natural sulphate and paraben free, vegan friendly product with no animal testing. But do these products deliver the goods?
I was very happy to receive a small range of products to review.

Vatea kind shampoo – firstly the product had a beautiful tee tree smell. I poured a 20 cent piece size into my palm (this is how much I use with my normal shampoo). The lather was very good and had me thinking I could have used less product for the same result.

Vatea nurturing conditioner – my hair is very dry so I use a lot of conditioner. Two 20 cent piece size in my palm. This amount worked well. The real test is the next morning. My hair is dry and I wake up with it sticking out everywhere and then apply masses of leave-in conditioner. I was pretty impressed with the next morning look and still used a small amount of leave-in conditioner.

Vatea nourishing body wash – this product also smelt great and after using a soap free wash for months it was heaven to have a product that lathers.

Vatea pure body oil – this is by far my favourite product. A soft luxuriant oil that soaks into the skin but leaves a lovely sheen. I could dress straight after using it and it didn’t leave any greasy residue on my hands. A real winner!!!!

I would like to thank Vatea and Beauty and Lace for the products to sample.

This review first appeared on the Beauty and lace website here 

You can find the entire Vatea range here

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