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Review of The Soldier's Wife by Pamela Hart

The Soldier's WifeThe Soldier's Wife by Pamela Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Soldiers Wife is different from a lot of WW1 novels I’ve read as it is told from a woman’s point of view, a young woman who had fallen in love, married and immediately lost her husband to fight in a war.
Ruby had to fight for a job and fight for respect. She was feisty and a little outspoken for her time but this was all brought on by her urge to survive.

It’s hard to say much without giving spoilers on how the story pans out but it’s a story of growth and change. The war brought change for everyone, those that fought and those that remained at home.

Very well researched, the story will transport you back to 1915 Australia with wonderful descriptions of the streets of Sydney, the fashions and the attitudes of the time. Even the scene of Ruby doing the washing in the copper made it all so real and vivid in my mind.

The characters were all likeable and I instantly fell in love with Ruby and Jimmy as they bared their soul and their dreams.

An entertaining read that not only is a very touching story but also a good history of attitudes, customs and fashions from early 1900’s Australia.

With thanks to Hachette Aus for my copy to read and review.

Review of Never Pretend

Never PretendNever Pretend by Julie C. Round
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Never Pretend follows on from Never Run Away. You do not need to read Never Run Away to fully understand this story however it would give the reader more insight into the characters.

Carole and her young son Gary live upstairs at her mother’s home. When she met Adrian he moved in and they started to plan their wedding. Adrian wanted to adopt Gary and Carole was happy that finally she could see a future for herself and Gary.

As Carole starts to plan for the wedding and questions over the adoption are asked she begins to realise there is a lot about her future husband that she doesn’t know.

The story follows Carole and Adrian’s relationship through the ups and downs and also Gary’s questions about his biological father and the problems that entails. Carole supports Adrian through a lot of rough times and I really admire how she stuck by him through everything.
My only complaint was it was all wrapped up a little too nicely at the end.

Never Pretend is a tale of love, family and commitment. A gripping read!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review of Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis

Midnight on the Mississippi (Secrets of the South Mysteries #1)Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hunter Galen, a high flying stockbroker, finds his business partner, James Nowak, dead in their office and he’s the number one suspect. Hunter hires family friend and PI, Nathan Price, to clear his name. However when Nathan’s licence is suspended for impeding an investigation it is up to Nicolette Price, Nathan’s cousin, a rookie PI fresh out of college to prove Hunter’s innocence.

Hunter takes an instant liking to Nicki’s straight forward manner and can’t help comparing her to his spoilt up market girlfriend, Ashley.

During their investigations Hunter and Nicki will uncover much more than they expected about James and also learn a few things about their own weaknesses.

A humorous, suspenseful romance set in the backwaters of Mississippi and post Katrina New Orleans. I must admit this Aussie girl knows nothing about these places but the vivid descriptions of the ramshackle fishing shack and the boat ride made me feel the fear and the beauty of the bayou.

The story concentrates on two separate mysteries that Nicki is trying to solve. Solving who killed James Nowak would definitely raise her PI status and the more personal, how her father died would give her peace of mind.

I originally went into this story thinking it was a murder mystery but when I changed my thinking to read it as a romance I fell into the story easier. This clean romance/mystery/suspense had me hooked. It was filled with salt of the earth characters such as Nicki’s grandparents, Hunter’s Aunt Donna and the wise old Jeanette Peteriere. It held lessons on judging people by their appearance and roots and believing in yourself.

The mystery kept me guessing, the suspense had me turning pages and the humour had me laughing. All wrapped in a romance that will have you yearning for a happy ever after.

I would recommend this book to all lovers of romance.

With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for my copy to read and review.

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